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New Requirement for Travel to Europe - happening soon ...

ETIAS U.S. Visa Waiver Application
ETIAS Registration Form for Europe
U.S. citizens over the age of 18 will be required to apply online for the ETIAS online visa waiver to enter and travel around the Schengen member countries.

American nationals can apply for an ETIAS directly online. If you are a U.S. citizen, you will be required to hold a valid passport and complete the online registration form with your personal details. You will also be required to provide the member state of intended first entry and answer a few background and security questions.

Once you submit your ETIAS online application and pay the required fees, it will be screened across the ETIAS system database.

Once an application is approved, you will receive a confirmation of your approved ETIAS travel authorization via email. In the rare case that an application is denied, you will have the opportunity to appeal.

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Not that soon. This has been delayed at least until the end of 2022.

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It will affect our travel in 2023 -- meaning we will need to apply for the visa waiver.

Just wanted to give a heads up to people planning trips for 2023.

Hopefully, it will be an easy application process.

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Good to know. Thank you for posting this information. It looks as though the ETIAS requirement will not be in effect until 2023. If I am reading the information correctly, ETIAS will not be necessary to travel to England.

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If/when you would have to provide the member state of intended first entry, what would that mean?
If multiple trips to Schengen area then does that first cover the whole year or each time you go would you need to do that?
This whole thing will sure put a damper on any spontaneous travel to Europe.

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I discovered this info in reading my updated Rick Steve's travel guide.

The information states that the waiver can be applied for three days before travel. However, I remember the issues people were having applying for the Pass Sanitare - when it was an online process

For me, applying for the waiver - if necessary, - will be step one for my daughters and myself. It is good for three years.

Once we have it loaded onto our passports - I will feel comfortable moving forward with booking flights and our lodging.

I agree with the comment - gone on the days of carefree travel - sigh...

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...gone on the days of carefree travel.

I hear you, ihcal. Nothing as constant as change, eh?

Thing is, Europeans with citizenship from visa waiver counties have had to have ESTA documentation to visit the U.S. for some time now, and I believe that is only valid for 2 years, unless that has changed? ETIAS is sort of the same in reverse but for 3 years. In an interesting twist, though, now that the UK is no longer in the EU (and was never part of the Schengen), it looks like those citizens will be required to have ETIAS to travel to EU/schengen visa-waiver countries as well.

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This whole thing will sure put a damper on any spontaneous travel to Europe.


Europeans (like my Italian husband) have had to do the same thing in reverse (to come to the States) for 13 years now.

It is simply not that big a deal.

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So - if we will need the Visa Waiver to travel - is it prudent to dates, flights and hotels prior to applying for the Visa -- I was originally thinking we should apply for the Visa first ...

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Just book flights then apply for visa just prior to your trip

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While something to be aware of, it is hardly anything to be of concern. The process likely will be like the many "Passenger Locator Forms" that are being filled out now.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, the same questions you answer now at the border basically, about purpose of travel, plus some background information (any criminal history, convictions, maybe something regarding financial support), submit, and likely a response and approval in hours to a day.

Like the ESTA form used by the US, the purpose is mainly to provide authorities additional time to look for bad actors and raise a flag if necessary.

For Europeans coming to the US, they mostly describe the process as annoying but quick and painless, I would expect the same going the other way...if everything comes to fruition and it is implemented. I certainly would not be too concerned, or seek answers to specific questions at this point.

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It is not a visa.

It is an entry pass for visitors traveling without visas.

The USG usually sends my husband's to him within a very few hours after he has applied. I am sure the EU is going to do the same.

Unlike with the pass sanitaire that the French government set up on the fly in response to problems they hadn’t thought of at first, the Europeans have been working on this for years. they also, I’m assuming, will have learned from the U.S.'s experience of operating this since January 2009.

It is one more step to take when traveling, yes (well, one more step every two or three years— you don’t need a new one for each trip). But it is just not a big deal.

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The amusing detail of both ESTA and ETIAS is that you have to pay for it.

So what government service is free?

Nothing a government provides is 'free'.

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So, I guess - one will have to track the site - to see when the requirement appears.....

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Since this has been discussed here for years....and it keeps getting postponed--I guarantee as soon as a date if officialy announced it will be posted on this forum.

According to the official website.....the visa will cost 7 Euros and in most cases will be issued in minutes. In some cases, it could take up to month if further background checks have to be done. But if you are not a wanted criminal, on the do not fly list, or are a known arms dealer, you should be okay.

Seriously, folks, not a big deal. And just as the airlines now remind you of covid restrictions, they will probably remind you to get your ETIAS.