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Neighborhood for One-Week Stay

Hi, we're taking our kids (7, 9) to Paris for one week in early April. My wife and I have been to Paris before (without kids), so we don't feel pressure to see every major sight. We've taken our kids to Europe before and they're troupers as long as we bribe them with sweets. While we typically spend all day exploring the city, we like having a nice neighborhood to wake up in and come "home" to each day. I understand Metro access is most important in Paris, but we still appreciate just being in a charming area. (For context, we chose Trastevere in Rome, Jordaan in Amsterdam and San Basilio in Venice.)

I'd like a rental so we can do laundry and breakfast at home, and I'm really trying to stay under $200-$225 per night. This limits our options, but we do have quite a few. I've listed the general areas below and would love some advice on these, or others. Thank you!

  • 1st-3rd, along a line north of Place de la Concorde to Arts et Meiters
  • Very close to Seine, between Sorbonne and Notre Dame Metro (so convenient, but perhaps too "touristy")
  • Just north/west of Gobelins Metro
  • Near Jardin du Luxembourg, along Blvd Raspail and towards Bon Marche
  • Grenelle (just south of Champs de Mars)
  • 16th, from Trocadero down towards Passy
  • 8th, near (but not at!) Four Seasons George V
  • Between 8th and 17th, roughly Ternes Metro through Blvd Haussmann
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When you say Grenelle, do you mean Blvd Grenelle or rue de Grenelle? If rue de G, then I would recommend it. Not too touristy, and a nice area. Blvd de Grenelle, although not too touristy (unless you are way up toward Eiffel Tower), is kind of a busy street, and does not really give off that old Paris feel. My other recommendation would be the 16th, from Trocadero down toward Passy. I find that a lot of the 16th is not too touristy, and the Passy area is very pleasant. Peter

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Thanks for your tips. This option would be along Blvd de Grenelle near the Dupleix Metro.

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Hi Jake,
I used to live in Passy. It is a lovely neighborhood, quite safe, and family oriented. The metro connections to the tourist sites are doable but not ideal. As long as this is truly not a priority, you'll enjoy it very much. The analogy to a Roman neighborhood would be Parioli, I think.

The Luxembourg/Raspail area might be a good compromise, if it’s south of Rue de Rennes.

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The Dupleix area (basically, where I grew up) is totally fine but a bit short on good places to eat, and it does not conform to most people's idea of what Paris should look like. A lot of modern builds. And if you overlook the elevated metro, you are in for a LOT of street noise.

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I am a fan of Place de la Republique. Not quaint or charming, but vibrant and bustling. Always something going on in the place, from ballroom dancing on the pavement to incessant skateboarders. The kids can watch boats go through the lock on the nearby Canal St-Martin. Here's the clincher: Five Metro lines run through the station so almost anywhere else can be reached quickly.

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Hi, we've narrowed down our options based on availability, price and proximity to the major sights. Here's a map. I realize some of these are much more central, but I'm willing to walk an extra 10 minutes for more Parisian charm.

Do any of these stand out, in a good or bad way?