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Need Recommendation: Bordeaux, Tours (Château), Mont St. Michel


As we are researching more and more, our want to visit places list starts to get too long.....And we would love to hear some recommendation so we can take some off our list....

After visiting Provence (in mid July), we want to visit Bordeaux, Tours (mainly the Château) or Mont St. Michel before heading to Paris. We will have about 8 days for Paris and other side trip after Provence.

At first, we wanted to visit MSM (especially its night scene), but after checking the train travel time, we realize we won't arrive MSM until 6pm in the afternoon and that's taking the first 9am TVG train leaving Avignon. Pretty much the whole day is gone if we decide to go to MSM.

Then we saw some night scene pictures of Bordeaux and thought Bordeaux looks very pretty at night as well. And I think we can probably arrive Bordeaux around 2:30 pm if taking the 8:40am train @ Avignon.
(If we go to Bordeaux, we will probably stay one night there, is one day + one night enough for Bordeaux?) We are both non drinker and know nothing about wine, would you still recommend visiting Bordeaux?

But we also want to visit the Château in Tours....but probably will not be driving and will take the local tour....

Can you suggest what is the best order to visit these places? And if we need to take one off, which one do you suggest? Should we go back to Paris first before heading to these places?


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