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Need Paris rental unit for 6 adults from May 8-15

A Family of 6 adults looking for a rental apartment in central Paris fro May 8-May 15.
Any suggestions

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We have used Air b n b and vrbo in the past. You can use filters to find exactly what amenities you are looking for (wifi, clothes washer/dryer, TV, etc..) it always helps to read the reviews to know the pros and cons of the property. Good luck!

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remember that the ad must contain the long Paris registration number or it is likely an illegal rental. The city has been clamping down.

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Just a clarification: I am familiar with the registration number Nigel is talking about but checking the web sites referenced in the responses here, none showed a registration number. Is there a difference between hotel/residences & regular apartment rentals that would not require a registration number for the hotel/residences? Are they considered hotels and not apartments? 4 of us will be traveling to Paris for 5-7 nights at the end of September (hopefully!).

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There are a number of hotels offering apartment like accommodations, such as Citadine, Adagio, and others. Locations of this type do not require city registration numbers.

The government, in its efforts to limit short term apartment rentals, did not make it easy for those looking for accommodations. There are a number of apartments which do not need numbers to rent legally, such as those located on the ground floor. There is a separate group of apartments which are available to students or to those changing jobs or marital status, allowing rental terms as short as one month. I do not believe these units require registration numbers. Even if an apartment has an otherwise legal status and a registration number, its annual rental period is maxed at 120 days. It would be illegal to rent such an apartment for more than that, but there is no way a visitor could possibly know how any days any given apartment has been rented before he arrives.

Generally, any apartment not having a city registration number is illegal to rent short term (any period of less than 1 year). Be careful about where you stay.

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Tom - the apartment I linked in my original comment does have an apartment registration number. Scroll to the very bottom of the listing. Whether that number is legit - who knows? If someone does know how to check the legitimacy of a registration number, I would be interested to know how! :)

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If someone does know how to check the legitimacy of a registration number,

Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of registration numbers. Basically, the only legal rentals are those of private owner/occupants who rent their apartments when they are away. If pictures of the rental you are considering looks lived in, it is likely legitimate. If the pictures show a sterile, hotel-like apartment, it is likely an illegal rental even if it displays a registration number. The city has, within the last 10 months, stepped up enforcement of short rentals laws. City inspectors follow up on registration numbers, but it will take some time for them to work through the thousands of listings.

There are several hundred commercial apartments in Paris. These could be anywhere, and converting a private apartment into a commercial unit is very expensive. This is why commercial apartments are very costly to rent. Many visitors may not realize that Parisian apartments do not have individual addresses, other than a building number. Mail is delivered to the street address and the concierge distributes mail to the owners. There is an available list of commercial apartments, if anyone wants to check it, but that list only displays the street address, not the specific apartment:

On the whole, the short term rental apartment landscape in Paris is changing and is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. I might suggest that short term rentals be approached with caution.

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We stayed 4 nights in December at Le Prince Regent in the 6th. It is an apartment in that there's a kitchen, living room, dining area, but run like a hotel. I recommend it. It is about a 10 minute walk to the nearest metro, Odeon. Lots of restaurants and such in the area. Discount for 4+ nights.