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Need for medical insurance in France?

My health insurance offers no coverage outside the U.S. If I plan a trip to France, should I purchase travel medical insurance? If so, do you have recommendations for companies to buy from?


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Bill of course you should have medical insurance.. why wouldn't you purchase some?? I have always purchased medical insurance.

I am Canadian so don't know what plans are available to you .. but I have gotten BCAA medical coverage for my trip to Europe this summer.. 28 days.. and total cost for 10,000, 000. oo dollars of coverage is 49 dollars. Thats worth it for peace of mind. ( ps if I had gone to STates or included states in my travels the insurance would have cost me 56.28 dollars.!, so guessing care is cheaper in Europe ,, but its still not free!


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Wild Bill,

IMO, you should definitely buy supplementary medical insurance when travelling. I never travel anywhere without it, even to other provinces in Canada.

As pat mentioned, I'm also not familiar with the plans available in your area, however TravelGuard seems to be quite popular in the U.S. I'm sure some of the members of the group from the U.S. will have lots of good suggestions for you.

Happy travels!

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Medical care is surprisingly cheap in France. My experience is that it was less than my co-pay at home. Are you covered for emergency care out of the US? I think you will find that the big bucks come if you need to be evacuated home. That is something I would definitely want covered.

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Hi. I have always bought insurance with American Express. I broke my leg in Italy and they stepped right in. I also had my personal insurance too. AE got me on a plane first class coming back to the states my husband had to sit in "steerage" as he called it. Great peace of mind


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You can also look on Last year we got coverage that included the repatriation feature, mentioned above, for, I think, $60 for two of us. At any rate, it was definitely less than $100. The rep I talked to was very helpful in assisting me to choose a policy.

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7061 posts is another website to compare plans and prices. I used Travel Guard myself - can't speak to their claims process as I haven't had to use them yet (knock on wood).

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I just purchased medical insurance for my mother. Used Medex Assist, which was recommended by F*r's guidebook. Cost minimal: about $60 for an 11 day trip.

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Most travel insurance plans that you would consider buying can be purchased with medical evacuation options and reimbursement options if you need emergency medical/dental care in the country you are visiting. Medical care in France is relatively inexpensive. Pharmacies (look for the lit up green cross on the outside) take care of basic medical care in France so if you are ill you can go there and they will tend to you, even if you need what would be considered prescription medication. Depending on where you are going to be, doctors actually still make house calls in France for a very reasonable fee.

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We've always used as Nancy mentioned to choose a company. In addition to medical expenses and evacuation, we always get repatriation.