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Navigo Easy Card versus Paris Visit Pass

Confused about difference, and only Navigo is referenced in Rick Steves book. Will be in Paris Sunday-Sunday, we have iphones not android, only need zones 1-3.

Can cards be purchased online without having to pick up anything? If pickup is required would need to pick up at CDG or metro station.

Is photo ID required?

Can either be loaded onto Bonjour RATP app?

Best website to get information?

Thank you.

Update - one additional question:
It looks like purchasing Navigo Decouverte at CDG can only be done at Terminal 2, and not Terminal 1? We land at Terminal 1 and take free shuttle to T2 for purchase? We are traveling before Olympics.

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The week ticket is the best deal and it is the Navigo Semaine (week). The Visite Pass is over priced. The Navigo Easy is a different product as it is a card you load individual tickets or batches of 10 onto. The Navigo Semaine is the best deal and a photo is required and has to be "assembled" at a ticket window at a Metro or RER station, including CDG.

Info here:

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You’ll find more information about the various passes

I agree with Sam, the Navigo Découverte week pass is the best deal.

Please note that this pass will not be sold during the 2024 Paris Olympics (July 20- September 8)

Enjoy your time in beautiful PAris!

P.S. You’ll need a small photo (3cm by 2.5cm) I just scanned my passport photo and reduced its size before printing.

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NOte the card you need is the Navigo Decouverte on which you put the weekly pass Navigo Semaine. You will need something else for the first Sunday. I'd take a cab in from the airport and then walk around that day. If you must. use the metro then you can just buy a couple of individual tickets.

The ND is a card on which a photo is affixed; bring 25/30mm head shots for everyone - you can print them on your computer at home or cut them out of a snapshot. The clerk who sells you the 5Euro kit for the card might assemble it for you but in any case can load the weekly pass on it. It can't be used until assembled (it CAN be but you would be fined for no ticket if you didn't have the photo and name on it). You buy these at any metro or RER station in Paris; they are not available on line. Iphones will not handle them (and EACH person has to have one.

Once you have the weekly pass you can go anywhere in the Ile de france. And unlimited rides on all metro, buses, RER and trams.

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I agree the Navigo Découverte is the best option but double check if it starts on the date of purchase and when it ends. I have used mine and reloaded it for a few years. Timing is important, otherwise it’s Very convenient. Used it to take RER out to Versailles also.

A question for those who know this year's restrictions during Olympics/ Paralympics. Think I can reload my Navigo Découverte on September 8th arriving gare du nord or will I need to buy a single metro ticket to hotel and reload on the 9th? Website offers no guidance on this. Merci.