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Navigo Decouverte Zones 1-2 with Complement de Parcours for the airport?

My son and I will be in Paris in May, and I plan to buy a Navigo Decouverte pass for Zones 1-2, since we will probably not leave Zone 2 while we're there. We'll be starting at CDG, though, and the online calculator says it'll cost 9.75 Euros to take the RER B and Metro to our apartment.

But the tariff page says there is something called the Complement de Parcours that lets you save money on RATP fares outside of your Navigo zone:

Does the Navigo Decouverte qualify for this discount? Or is it only the Navigo Mois et Semaine, for French inhabitants?

If it qualifies, then I'll go to the effort of buying our Navigo passes at the airport. If not, I'll just get them in town. Thanks!

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For the Navigo, you will need a small photo (about 1/2 the size of a passport photo) and you will need to assemble the card before it can be loaded. From what I just read, it does sound like the Navigo Decourverte would qualify. The RER station at CDG should sell them and should be able to explain to you how to pay for the extra charge. I don't know if you want to start fussing with that when you're jetlagged after a long flight and burdened with all your luggage.

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For the Navigo, are you arriving at the beginning of a week and staying to the end? Navigo is valid from Monday to Sunday only.

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You do not need to assemble the ND to have it charged. You can go to a window at the airport RER station and buy the ND, have it charged for the week, and assuming you are in the Mon-Sun frame for the pass, you can have them put the Parcours for the trip into town onto it at that time. The Complement de Parcours has a 3 hour time limit -- you can only buy them right before any given trip, but you will get a slight savings on any trip you take in the Ile de France into zones 3,4,5 with your ND charged for 1-2. You can add the parcour on any machine in the metro. There is a little swirly spot where you set the ND to be charged. Most machines take coins; a few take bills; none takes US magnetic strip credit cards. For that you need a manned sales window.

Usually they will just hand you the kit for the ND after you purchase it and have it charged. You will then need to assemble it before travel. You need a 25/30mm head shot; anything printed on your computer will be fine. You don't need it on photo paper although you can also snip your head out of a snapshot if you have one.