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Name on CDC card and name on passport

My name on my CDC card doesn’t spell out my middle name. It just has an initial., whereas my passport contains all three names. I have a trip to France planned for December. Will this be a problem?

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No one knows what the system will be or what role the CDC card will play in December 2021.
The rules are constantly changing there will be more clarity over the coming months. I am writing this as someone who was in France 5 days ago currently in Italy. I have only had to show my CDC card where it currently matters the most when checking in for my flight from the USA to Europe. Your missing middle name will not cause a problem if it is still required at check-in from the USA to Europe.

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In my experience everywhere, middle names are totally irrelevant, unless they are contradictory. That is, if one said "Lisa Marie," and the other said "Lisa Jean," that would be an issue.

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Many European countries don't even use middle names.

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The "MI" spot on my CDC card is totally blank. My 10-letter middle name is on my passport. I am not at all worried about that disparity. (The current news about the virus is a different story. I hope everyone is keeping up.)

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Most places in France are accepting "any" form of identification to crosscheck with the health pass, including Navigo passes, drivers licences or any other sort of of photo ID. And to be honest, after the first few days, they stopped looking at the ID in most cases and only check the validity of the health pass.