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My trip from Sourthern France to Belgium and Luxumburg in 20 days

I will start my very first solo and self-guided trip by train and bus in early July after finishing a Spain and Portugal escorted tour that ends in Barcelona. I plan to buy France Rail Pass (7 non-consecutive days in 1 month) and point-to-point tickets for the part of travel both in Belgium and from Barcelona to Arles (or any city close to Arles). In order to avoid making reservations, I prefer to take regional trains and InterCity trains. Despite weeks of reading info on recommended websites, I have many questions and need your advice.
1. Barcelona to Arles (any train doesn't require reservations? which website to buy? and how early I can buy it and how early I need make reservations?)
2. Arles to Avignon to Antibes to Marseille (#2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: will use France Rail Pass, need reservations if it is not TGV train?)
3. Marseille to Chamonix
4. Chamonix to Annecy
5. Annecy to Colmar
6. Colmar to Luxumburg (what is the last city in France before entering Luxumburg?)
7. Luxumburg to Brussel (InterCity train and no reservation, right?)
This forum is a very helpful and supportive place to a person like me who needs a lot of encouragement to travel alone with confidence. Thank you very much.

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