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My pass sanitaire application experience

So many threads about the French health pass - how to fill out the application, what kind of address to use, when to expect to receive the pass, what order are they being processed, what to do when you still haven't received it and you're leaving in less than a week. I've read them all. Repeatedly.

Here's my experience.

We leave the US on September 21 and will arrive at Roissy the morning of September 22. I applied for the pass on August 30, using the address we'll be staying in France, after reading lots of thoughts on how to answer the question about address. On September 4, I edited the application to change that to my home address here in Virginia after reading more posts about what the correct answer to this thorny question is. Certain that I'd receive my QR code in a week or 10 days at most, I settled down to wait. Then I read on another thread that the applications were being taken in order - except that the people posting had numbers bigger (later) than mine. So on Tuesday, one week before takeoff, I thought I'd just peek at the application. Still "under construction." Anxiety set in. We're going to be going to Brittany, not Paris, and maybe our CDC cards won't cut it and our terrible French won't help and how will we get to go to a sweet seaside place and order our moules et frites and cider?. So I thought, why not share my anxiety with the people at the Ministere de l'Europe et des Affaires Etrangeres?

So I typed in a message in the message text box.

Bonjour, I will be arriving in France in one week and I am concerned because my application for the health pass has not been processed. Can you assist me by telling me if my application is deficient? Or can I request that the application be reviewed in time for me to have my QR code by the time we arrive on 22 September? Merci. Your friend, Penny. (OK, not the last part.)

Within a couple of hours I got a response, asking me to upload my airline tickets. While I felt sure I had done this on the original application, I just did it again, using the pdf file of my itinerary from Delta, which I'm pretty sure was what I sent them the first time.

Twelve hours later I got two emails at once. 1. My file is being processed and
2. Here's your QR code, Bonne journee!

SO. If you are sweating it because you're leaving in less than a week, maybe use the message mailbox on your application page and ask for help. I hope this works for you as it did for me.

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Penny….did you send the itinerary confirmation without actual ticket numbers or did you send your actual ticket numbers?

I’ve been in a quandry about that so I uploaded a pdf of an official airline email that states date of ticketing, flight itinerary, and passenger names with seat # but no ticket #, record locator # or FF #.

Thank you for sharing your experience….it is helpful.

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I logged in to Delta, clicked on "my trips" and pulled up the tickets with flight numbers, seat numbers, and my name with the e-ticker number, dragged that to my desktop where it downloaded as a .pdf file and named itself "itinerary," and then uploaded that file.

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Thanks for the info. I am suppose to be leaving on Saturday and still do not have my health passes.
I actually applied for a pass in Switzerland got the code which only took a few days and uploaded it to the French app system. I think this will work.

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Travelinggirl, it might be worth sending them a message to see if you'll get a response like I did.

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@travelinggirl: The Swiss code will work in France. France probably did not process the application because you are not landing in France, right?

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Penny, thank you for taking the time to post this really helpful info.

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Balso- yes I am landing in Paris. I am not at all going to Switzerland.. lol… I just knew that my application in Switzerland would be accepted within days, since my parents are vacationing in Switzerland so I just went through the process for them and it was so quick. The Swiss application doesn’t ask about where you are headed. It just asked for my vaccine certificate and my home address. I downloaded the Swiss covid app and got the certificate then downloaded it and uploaded it to the France app. Sounds more complicated than it actually was. It was quick and painless.

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@travelinggirl - What is the link where you applied for the Swiss pass?

Penny - Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Hi everyone - well I tried Penny's interesting approach above to email the admins and use similar version of the "Bonjour - my trip is coming up and Id like to know if you need any more info!" statement.

I havent received anything since so maybe that only works for urgent cases. Granted - I submitted application on 9/3, and asked this update request on 9/16. Since my trip is Oct 3, and their website says average is 15days to process, maybe they prioritize somehow based on need.

Should I hang out and be patient another few days - or resubmit from scratch this weekend as an expedite?