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My Parisian tour .com

Has any one else had trouble with ? (City Wonders Limited is how they say they appear on a charge card bill). I paid for a ticket for my husband and myself so that we could skip the line and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We showed up at the appointed place (the carousel across from the tower) 30 minutes early and looked for the guide who was supposed to be in a blue shirt or jacket and carrying a sign carrying that said "Skip the line: Eiffel Tower" We waited about 40 minutes past the time (we were supposed to meet at 1530) and nobody showed up with a sign, blue shirt, or tickets. We don't have our phones activated in Paris, so I emailed right away. I received a confirming email that evening that said somebody would contact me within 24 hours. 5 days later I finally received an email stating that the guide was there and that we were not. We were there and called from our hotel as soon as we received the email saying we were there. So, long story short, they claimed we were not there (we were) and that there was no way they could have missed us (they did). They said they did meet another couple and give them their tickets (which is supposed to prove that we were not there) and there was really nothing they could do since tickets are not refundable. I understand that this is a tickets only and not a tour and all I wanted was to be able to not wait in line and to be able to get to the 3rd level of the tower. My husband spent much time on the phone trying to make another arrangement and was disconnected 2 times (we called from the hotel). Finally, they said they could book us for another Eiffel tickets only with another 15 euro booking fee. We refused and told them this was not a way to do business by charging a rebooking fee.
I want to warn you against trusting this group--get tickets in hand and don't rely on them. I believe it is another scam (even though they told my husband they are reliable). We are seasoned travelers and know how to find a meeting place. There was not a "guide" in a blue shirt with a sign. We will be attempting to get our money back via our credit card company.

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