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My experience with purchasing Eiffel Tower tickets

I purchased these this morning, and wanted to let you know about a quirk that was rectified. I am nearly certain that I selected the English language version of the site, but during the purchasing process, I noticed it was in French. Either it reverted to French or I was mistaken in the first place. Here is how I noticed (because Google Chrome wants to automatically translate any webpage): I couldn't find "United States" in the drop-down list of countries for the life of me. I finally found "Etats Unis". I kept going in French because I was concerned that my transaction would be lost if I selected English at that point. Next, instead of the three digit PIN for my credit card, it said something about a cryptogram. When I saw that, I decided to take a chance and select English. It backed me up a little bit but it kept my tickets and the names I had saved to each ticket. The transaction proceeded smoothly from then on.

tldr: If you notice the website is in the wrong language, just select the correct language and keep going. You should be fine.

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Watch out for the European style of dates: 05/10/19 is October 5th. Usually they help you out with this by displaying a month and you click, but then Sunday is at the end of the week.