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Museum Passes

I have bought Museum Passes for visits before covid that allowed flexibility in the time and day I enter, a reduction in price and ease of entry. I have heard that museums entry now must be reserved with an entry time. Can times be reserved with a museum pass? Can times be reserved before a museum pass is purchased? Is it still worthwhile to buy a museum pass?

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I’ll start with the last question first!

Is the Museum Pass worthwhile?
- It might be depending on what museums you are planning to visit. It is no longer worthwhile to me but It might be to you. This last time I went to the Louvre 3 times. The MP now only allows 1 visit per museum so that negates it’s value for me.

-Yes, you can both reserve entry times with a pass and do it before you have the pass purchased. In October the Louvre was really the only museum I needed to book a few days ahead, others you could do the day of or day before. As things get busier you’d want to check on the particular museum ticketing site to see if they are filling.

Ease of entry

-Really only lines for security and the pass doesn’t help you bypass that. You’re in line with others who have reserved for that time slot.

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To get a timeslot for Versailles, Louvre, etc., before you have the actual PMP, just use any dummy 7, 8, 9 digit number, I used all 0s until the system was happy.

Versailles and maybe the Louvre, I can't remember, have special ticket links for PMP.

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I personally never find them worth it, unless your ultimate goal is to see as many as possible. During covid, I really haven't found it worth it.

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I agree with others about the museum pass being less of a value than it once was. Plan your itinerary, add up the cost of entry fees of things on it that are covered by the MP and compare to the cost of the pass. Also consider the amount of days you’re compressing the museum/attraction visits into. Personally I like to space out my museum visits so as not to get “museum fatigue” :—} On the flips side, if the cost doesn’t matter to you, the pass is nice to have to pop into places you might not have otherwise, as well as to use a restroom :-)

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I’ll add one more comment…the Museum Passes now are for a certain #of hours, even though they list them as 2, 4, or 6 days. As an example, the 2-day pass is actually 48 hours and the clock starts when the pass is scanned in at your first visit. That means you can theoretically get visits on 3 days. If you first clock in at, say, 11A on Day 1 your 48 hours would extend to 10:59 on Day 3. You could easily enter a museum before the ending time on Day 3.