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Museum pass

Does anyone know if the Paris museum pass is still a good idea since, due to COVID-19, many museums now require reservations and ticket purchases ahead of time?

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I’ve always been a fan but it started to lose it’s sheen when they started limiting you to one entry per museum. (And I completely understood why they had to do that.) Now with the need for reservations for each museum I think you have to do some math to see if it will work for you. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk any more. No more popping into a museum because it’s nearby and covered by the pass.

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the beauty of it was the multiple entries -- thanks to the country with the worlds worst tourists (no not the US) and their gross abuse of Louvre tickets (which until recently allowed you to come and go on one day on the same ticket) and passes, they have switched to the one admission per site rule. IMHO it thus becomes a challenge to get your money's worth with the need for reservations as well. You will have to calculate if your itinerary makes it worth it for you. It no longer is convenient.

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I made multiple timed entry reservations so there was no real stress to be anywhere on a strict itinerary. Obviously only using one entry per site.