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Mürren - Alsace Region - Paris: Itinerary Advice and Alsace/Black Forest Questions

My partner and I are going back to Europe after a four year absence this June 5-17. We would like to visit places we've already been and have missed (Mürren twice and Paris 3+ times) and add the Alsace region this time. Any advice on this itinerary below would be appreciated, as well as these questions:

1) We're thinking of making Strasbourg a home base. We'd like to visit Colmar one day and local wineries and small nearby towns another. *Rick says he makes Colmar his home base - is that preferable (or should we do 2 in one place and 2 in the other).***

2) On a radio show segment regarding Alsace, Rick mentioned if a traveler rents a car, it would be easy to travel into Germany to the Black Forest area. I looked into it and Baden-Baden would be somewhere we definetly want to visit eventually, and surrounding area. *Is it worth working that into this trip, or better to save for another?***

Proposed Itinerary:

  1. Zurich
  2. Mürren
  3. Mürren
  4. Alsace Region
  5. Alsace Region
  6. Alsace Region
  7. Alsace Region
  8. Paris
  9. Paris
  10. Paris
  11. Paris


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If you are not renting a car for the rest of your trip, you should be ok for Alsace without one, as you will only have three full days. I'd stay in Colmar, which has easy, quick access to Basel and Strasbourg by rail, and the more famous wine villages by bus/taxi/legwork (Riquewihr, Ribeauville, Bergheim, Kayserberg, Eguisheim).

I didn't mind Baden-Baden. Freiburg, Staufen and Gengenbach were better visits for me.

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We followed Rick’s advice to visit Colmar and did not like it all. It could not compare in charm or quaintness to the Alsatian villages or Strasbourg. We quickly returned to the pretty Alsatian villages and charming Strasbourg,

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You will absolutely love Murren. However you do know it’s only reachable by cable car. Charming, quaint and gorgeous. I can smell the clean Swiss air from here! Enjoyez-vous!

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We've spent a lot of time in Alsace. My first thought is that we would pick Strasbourg over Colmar as a hub. Not only are there more options from the train station, I just think it is a better place to return each night. Colmar is wonderful -- definitely go -- but its popularity can be a bit much.

As for adding in the Black Forest too. Yes, certainly doable, especially with a car. But I think with only four nights in Alsace, why not focus on... well, ... Alsace. The Black Forest has a rich topography, history, and vibe all its own. As does Alsace. I feel like you might only get surface views of both if you try to shoehorn them in together in one short trip.

Now, that's advice from someone who's had the luxury of time. If this is your only shot at both regions for many years to come, then go for it. If you can plan a return to Germany next year and make the Black Forest part of that, give yourself time to explore Alsace on this trip. It is worth the deep dive.

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Thank you for the replies. I think making Strasbourg a home base will work great for us, and we will save the Black Forest for a future trip. We have less time on this trip but will definitely be going back to Europe more often!