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Moving to Aix-en-provence in May 2016

Hello to all,

I will be moving to Aix-en-Provence in a couple of weeks. My husband has been offered job at the airport in Marseilles.

We are looking for a cute town not more than 1h by bus connection from Marseilles.

At the moment we both won't have a car so we will be relaying on public transportation most of the time.

Please give us some useful informations on which bus to take and what pretty villages would you think is the best to move to.

Thank you

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Can't answer your exact question but here is a link to the Expat Forum for France. There are a lot of English speaking ex-pats in the Var (edit: strike that out as a mistake), the department where you are moving, and maybe some of them can chime in. You'll also find some links to useful resources in the stickies.

Edit: of course it is the Bouches du Rhone, the 13.! My mind is getting like Swiss cheese. The Var is further east. Thanks JHK! Anyway, there could be a few posters from the Bouches du Rhone.

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Arles is a possibility if Aix-en-Provence does not suit. Both are good choices because they have good mass transit connections. Often, the "pretty villages" do not have good transit services. If you move to Aix-en-Provence or Arles, the department is Bouches-de-Rhone. Are you interested in being more inland or closer to the coast? If you are interested in an inland setting, Lourmarin might suit after you have a car.