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More convenient CDG or ORY from 6th arrondissement (saint germain-des-prés)

We are in Paris in Mid June and trying to figure out which is the better option for a flight to Dublin. Orly has some cheaper flghts, but not sure if it is as convenient as going to Charles de Gaulle from the 6th arrondissement (saint germain-des-prés) neighborhood.

Any thoughts?

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If you have a choice, Orly is closer to Paris than CDG is; since you say it's a also cheaper flight for you, go with Orly. But neither one is that far. The one to be careful with is Beauvais, as it's much farther from Paris.

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Orly is closer and much less of a hassle. If it's also cheaper, looks like you have a win!! As Harold says, cheaper from Beauvais isn't necessarily worth the trouble . . .

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Thanks for your help on that. I think I'll book that.

Is there an easy train that will get me to the airport? I know there is the station at saint germain-des-prés, but I don't mind walking to another nearby Metro station if that is the best way.

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St Michel Notre Dame RER station is quite nearby and has services on Line B to CDG, and either Line B or Line C to Orly. (Using the Line B route is faster but involves an expensive dedicated shuttle from the station, the Line C route has a cheaper shuttle bus at the end.)

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Given how close Orly is, I'd take a taxi. It will cost about 25 Euro for two on public transport and a cab is likely to be about 30. With 3 people, a cab is cheaper. The public transport routes are also more fiddly and annoying than the rather easy shot on the RER B to CDG. Taxi is virtually always the best way to go to Orly.