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Mont St Michelle

Will be in the Normandy area with a "base " in Honfluer, do have a car, any suggestions / recommends on visit to MSM, will drop-off car in LeHarve and train into Paris. tis. Leonard

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We spent a few days in Honfleur and then moved to Bayeux to tour the WWII sites. Our hotel, Lion d’Or organized tours of the WWII sites for us. The next day we drove to Mont St- Michel( note male spelling) but returned to Bayeaux at night. Get there early or later in the day due to the crowds.

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We arrived at MSM later in the day, not super early, and so were coming in as many others were already heading out. Aside from having to dodge people, it was helpful going against the grain, and it was practically empty when reaching the abbey up top. But we were staying in St. Malo that night, not returning all the way east.

Let’s say you’d checked out from Honfleur (fairly early in the morning), and went to MSM the day you were heading to Paris. Would it make sense to go first to MSM and then turn in your car in, say, Rennes, and catch a train to Paris from there? Is that even an option, and could reduce some backtracking at some point?

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I love the town of Bayeux. View the tapestry (excellent audio guide), and nearby visit at least Omaha Beach, where the large American cemetery and museum are. MSM is definitely a special site, but I agree with the suggestions to visit either early or late in the day. It’s a very popular destination.