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Mont St. Michel and St. Malo from Paris / How to economically

Greetings - I've found this travel forum very helpful with my previous queries - here's yet another question. I've just discovered St. Malo and wanted feedback on how it would be possible to travel from Paris to Mont St. Michel then on to St. Malo and back to Paris in one day, recognizing it would require an early to rise, late to bed scenario as my daughter and I are on a tight budget. Any and all feedback is most welcome.

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Hi Sylvia-this may not directly answer your question, but I wanted to pass on a couple of things. We really enjoyed 1 night and parts of 2 days in St. Malo in 2008. The Tour de France was starting in St. Malo in the morning, and it was exciting to be there for all the festivities. The old town inside the walls was great for wandering, too. At night, when High Tide rolled in, it was surprising to see how big the waves were, when the sea had been out so far from the shore less than 2 hours earlier - big difference between High and Low Tide there! Dinner at a restaurant in the old town was a highlight, too, so it was really worth being able to spend the night.

We had a rental car, and had stopped at Mont Saint Michel in the afternoon, before reaching St. Malo, and I'm not familiar with the train availability, prices, or timetables. Is renting a car even a possibilty with your budget? Are you committed to sleeping in Paris every night? Happy travels!

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It is possible but definitely not highly recommended by those here. You can check out this tour company as their daytrip from Paris to Mont Saint Michel also included St Malo. I didn't check the prices and I have a feeling it might be pricey but it's an option. Doing it on your own by train and bus would be horrendous - add it up: 5 hrs from Paris to Mont Saint Michel (train and bus), 1 hour from MSM to St Malo (bus), 4 hours from St Malo to Paris (train) and that's just travel time, when would you have time to see anything. Not to mention that coordinating all that transportation may not be easy. The group tours are also a long day but at least the transportation is a bit better and it's all arranged for you.

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Many thanks for your prompt responses! It's become quite clear to me that this would be an ambitious endeavour. I think it would be far wiser to visit these two destinations in separate trips. The reality is, we've committed to a 7 night stay in Paris, hence not wishing to spend any additional monies on lodgings. Again, I thank you for your input!