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Mont St Micheal

We are visiting on easter Sunday. Do we need to purchase tickets in advance. We have a car is a guided tour necessary? How long should we keep for the visit.

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I don't know if it will be busier on Easter Sunday. If you want to purchase tickets in advance, they are available now, including for tour reservations.

We chose to go through the abbey on our own and spent a couple of hours in the abbey. But, the full trip will take longer. You park on the mainland, take a bus (or walk) across the causeway, and walk up the narrow pedestrian way to the stairs up to the abbey. This will take about an hour, so include that in your plan for timing.

Also, after you get off the bus but before you go back to the car, go inside the visitor center to pay for parking so you can get out of the lot.

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It's the walk on the island that takes time, and maybe a line to enter the Abbey. The causeway is about a baseball pitch long. Some parking spaces are quite far, that's why there is a free electric articulated-bus. It passes 10 mainland motels and a supermarket.

As noted, you pay for parking before returning to your car, and insert the receipt to raise the exit gate.

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Yes, you should buy tickets to the Abbey in advance to be sure of an entry on Easter Sunday. A guided tour of the abbey is not necessary.
A car will get you to the parking lot. You pay €10 to park, on the mainland and then you take the free shuttle bus across the causeway to entrance of the mont at the stone walls.
It is free to enter the city. You can visit the shops and walk the ramparts as you make your way on steep UPHILL path to the Abbey.
I'd book half a day (4-5 hours for trip.)