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Mont S Michel in Novenber?

I've been to MSM on an earlier trip, staying two nights on the island. This time, I plan to stay within the monastery, with the sisters… my intent is religious retreat, rather than tourism. My concern is that it will be mid-November when I get there. I don't do cold really well, and I'm wondering if I should defer this to another trip.

I'm wondering if anyone knows the typical weather in that area in mid-November. I'm okay with rain, but biting cold or snow would be really difficult for me. I realize no one can predict the weather, but I'd welcome your thoughts about that time of year on the Brittany coast. Thanks!

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We visited at the very end of October and it was chilly then, not bitter cold. I would sure bring silk long johns and lots of polartek or cashmere if I were planning to stay there in November. We loved that it was pretty much empty when we visited. It was us, a few Chinese tourists, and a handful of other people. We ate in a restaurant at the top of the Mont where there were maybe 6 other tables of people. (not great, but perfectly ok food at a decent price)

You can see our visit at
As you can see in some of the pictures, I am wearing jeans, a cotton turtle, a polartek cardigan and a lightweight trench coat. That was fine for the very end of October. You might be able to find a chart of average temperatures for MSM on line.

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16883 posts shows high temps from the middle of last November in the low 50s and low temps above freezing. You would expect some wind chill on the top of the rock, too.

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I was there over Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was amazing. The weather was a little chilly at night, but much more temperate than I thought it would be. We almost had the place to ourselves.... it was such a special experience for me and my 14 year old grandson. We spent a few days in the area at Normandy (was windy and a little rainy) in Bayeux (nice weather) and also in St. Malo (very lovely day... sunny and warm) It is such a wonderful time to travel because of the lack of other tourists and the ability to really enjoy the places in a way not possible when it is crowded. Have a wonderful time.

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I've seen what Tk describes and also fought a snow storm from northern Wales to Limoges -- both in November. This year doesn't have to be like last year.

When the rain piles on top of the wind which is piled on top of the sleet it's going to be miserable. But it won't last long. Also, if you catch a winter Channel storm on top of spring tides, the waves against the eastern walls will stop you heart.


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Thank you all for sharing! I think I'll go for it. I'll be returning from Israel/Jordan and was thinking that some time on retreat with the monastic community at MSM would be a wonderful way to process the experience in the Holy Land.