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Bumping up:

The news is saying that the authorities started “preemptive” checks outside metros and train stations even this evening.

As 75020 noted above (second link, direct from Paris transit authority), an enormous list of metros closed as of 7 am on the First, and even more as of noon.

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Also, police have ordered the closure of shops etc. along the march route.

This is really sad. May first used to be such a fun holiday welcoming spring, vacation season all of that. Riders on the #20 bus this afternoon were commiserating about the loss of such a nice family day.

Years ago, decades ago, the march used to start at Pl. des Fetes in east Paris where the ists lived. Banners of all types, bands of all types and thousands of happy souls marched down the Belleville Hill to a giant cookout and really loud music of all types at Republique. Everyone went. Being from Chicago, I especially liked the attention being paid to Haymarket's role in the union movement.

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Thanks to both of you. Will try to keep it bumped up to the top after you all go to sleep!

Hopefully any forumites in Paris will check in tonight or in their/your AM