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Maximizing 4Day Museum Pass

This is our first time in Paris. We will be there in March. I think we are prepared but I could still use some insight. I have the urge to maximize the 4 Day Museum Pass which we will use Wed thru Saturday but I know the danger of trying to do too much. I would like to know if getting Rodin, Orangerie, Napoleon and the Pantheon in those days is pushing it. We have our last day open for what we don’t get to or a revisit. We are casual types and like siestas. Here is our itinerary so far (hotel is in 2nd arrondissement). Thanks in advance.

Tuesday - arrive CDG 0800 / buy 4 Day Museum Pass / buy Navigo Decouverte / Take Roissybus to Opera / get to know 2nd arrondissement

Wednesday - Arc de Triomphe or Ile de la Cite / Louvre at 1800

Thursday - Trocadero / Seine Cruise / Orsay late

Friday - Versailles

Saturday - Perfume Workshop for the girls while I do laundry / the Marais

Sunday - pick up car for road trip / 1500 concert at Opera Versailles / be at Mont St Michel by 2300 for high tide

Monday - Mont St Michel / late afternoon in Rouen / back in Paris late

Tuesday - Montmartre and Sacre Coeur

Wednesday - as it goes

Thursday - 0640 taxi to CDG for 1040 flight

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Your Paris schedule allows a lot of free time, so you'll probably be able to fit more in.

I'm sure you have a reason for doing this, but I'd visit Versaille only on Sunday, your concert day. I wouldn't go twice

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Note that the Museum Pass requires a timed reservation for the Louvre and that such a reservation is not possible for Versailles, so if you wish to tour the palace you need to get there an hour before opening or book a preliminary tour to avoid a very long wait in line. I would just get there early -- we thought the behind the scenes tour was a waste of time and in future will get a timed ticket. You can get timed tickets but not pair them with the PMP.

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I love the pace you are planning but am confused about which days you plan to use the PMP. I believe it has to be used on consecutive days (never encountered a sightseeing pass that didn't work that way), and you have other commitments sprinkled throughout your itinerary such that there don't appear to be four consecutive days available to make use of the pass.

You can no longer revisit places on the pass; it's one entry for everything. I have no idea how (or how carefully) that's being enforced; I just know that's the new-in-2019 rule.

For what it's worth, Rouen's (rebuilt) historic center is beautiful and not small. There are some interesting museums as well.

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"You can no longer revisit places on the pass; it's one entry for everything. I have no idea how (or how carefully) that's being enforced; I just know that's the new-in-2019 rule."

It's enforced by having staff with scanners at the entrance to each venue and having the bar code on your Pass scanned. The only place they did not have scanners in place the day I went in early October was the Army Museum at the entrance to the stairs up to the WWI/WWII galleries. There is no longer a place on the back of the pass to write your name and start date, your time limit is kept track of by the scanner.

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Thank you for comments. We will use the PMP Wed through Saturday. I understand visiting sites outside those days will require admission. I know trying to see Versailles on concert day and then driving to MSM is too much for our family. My main concern is getting stuck in security lines and commuting between sights. Is it realistic to use Bus 69 one day to pop in and out of PMP attractions? Or better to use Metro?

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I haven't been to Versailles (I dislike nearly all palace furnishings), but I've read a lot of comments here about how crowded it is. It is frequently recommended that visitors take the tour of the private apartments, which gets you into very uncrowded areas and costs just 10 euros extra. I believe I've read that tour-takers go through a faster security line at Versailles, though I might be mistaken about that.