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marseilles to aix en provence


We are flying into Marseilles but are thinking we will stay in Aix en Provence before a walking tour. What is the best way to get from Marseilles to Aix en Provence? From there we have to go to Greoux les Bains. Would you recommend a train for the latter portion of the trip. We are doing a 7 day walking trip in Greoux Les Bains area in mid September. thank you.

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There is a train to Aix en Provence from the airport (Vitrolles). Take bus 10 for the 10 minute ride from the terminal to the train station. It is exactly the same distance from the airport to Aix as it is to Marseille.

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I'm afraid the info above is not correct, there is no train to Aix en Provence from Marseille airport or Vitrolles station.
But there is a frequent (every 30 min or so) direct bus, it is well-signposted and you buy your ticket at the airport bus stop (or on the bus, memory is hazy).
Otherwise, a taxi to Aix is about 60€, perhaps 70.

To get to Gréoux, the train is no good, but again there is a bus: LER 27 (final destination is Riez), 3x/Mon-Sat and none on Sundays as far as I can see.

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I agree with balso, it is marginally faster to take the bus. The train stops at St Charles.

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The Marseille Provence airport maintains a laudably useful website; look under Access to see details of local transport.

And yes, the airport is as close to Aix-en-Provence as to downtown Marseille but in a different direction. Go straight to A-e-P.