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What is the reason Marseille gets such short shrift from RS? I thought Marseille had greatly improved its attraction for tourists. With Metro, busses and city parking it isn’t hard to get to the old town.

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Rick freely admits he plays favorites, which he can do since it's his company. I'm sure he explains his reasons either online or in his guidebooks. The city does not have the best reputation, perhaps he or Steve will re-assess and re-consider.

Don't forget, the F books (as in Fodors and Frommers) are much more encyclopedic and end up covering everwhere.

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Indeed I recommend Marseille much more now than I would have 10 years ago.
This said, the main attraction of Marseille is the overall cityscape: the huge natural harbor, the rocky coastline, the city spreading over many hills, with a backdrop of barren hills...
And the vibrant animation feeding from many cultures.
But in terms of actual sights in the city, there aren't that many. Notre Dame de la Garde is an impressive viewpoint but is arguably prettier from afar than up close, the museums are second-rate (great architecture at the Mucem though), so are the churches...
So I can appreciate why the city would not make it in a book focusing on "highlights". Marseille is a place where you have to soak up the atmosphere, and accept that you might hate it.

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Thanks everyone! We start our trip with 5 days in Paris, 8 day Rhône River cruise, two nights in St Remy and then chose Marseille somewhat pragmatically to shorten time to the airport, and still be on the Med. Found apt on the Parc Borley with harbor view.

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I went to MUCEM in 2017 and was very, very disappointed. I wasn't expecting the highlight to be an exhibition about (as far as I could tell) recycling. I wondered whether it was intended for school children.