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Marmottan Museum / Rue Passy

Has anyone walked from Marmottan to Eiffel Tower via Rue Passy? On the map it looks like a good idea. Wondering if Rue Passy is a nice walk and if so how far is it / how long to walk back to Eiffel Tower? Thanks!

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It's a lovely walk through the Jardins du Ranelagh to the Chausee de la Muette which becomes the Rue de Passy . Just after leaving the gardens , the Rue de Passy is lined with restaurants and cafes . We stopped for coffee and pastry at a place called Yamazaki , just on the left after exiting the gardens , some really good pastry . About two thirds of the way down , the street becomes the Boulevard Delessert which is lined with some magnificent architecture as it winds down to Trocadero . All in all it's about a mile and a half to the tower and quite a nice stroll . This was a nice cap to a visit to the Marmottan . Probably about an hour and a half at a gentle stroll ( not counting refreshment ) to the tower .

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Nice easy walk in good weather. The Museum of Wine is just off Place Costa Rica a little bit to the south. Passy is where Benjamin Franklin lived when he was ambassador, and I think his house can be visited, but I don't know just where it is.

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Thank you! Sounds beautiful. Can't wait...four more weeks!

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Passy is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris! The walk will be a bit downhill from the museum down Rue Passy to the Eiffel Tower. At a leisurely pace the walk will take about 25 minutes or so give or take 5 minutes. The park is pretty and the museum itself is small and beautiful. Rue Passy is quite upscale as is the whole arrondissement of the 16th - classic Paris buildings. Family oriented area. Plenty of places to stop in, browse, or eat on the way.

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And wait until you see the many Monets at the Marmottan!

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I will be going to the Marmottan this year, so thanks for putting this walk on my radar.

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Did this walk a few weeks ago--mainly because we wanted to visit the Cimetière de Passy after we did the Marmottan-- and found it rather dull once we left the pleasant environs of the Jardin du Ranelagh. The 16th is the wealthiest area of Paris inside the Périphérique and many of the shops et. al. reflect that. It's not an unpleasant walk; we just found it uninteresting. It could have been an upscale street in a large American city-- busy, lots of traffic, relentlessly Haussmanian buildings. Ho hum. I'll take St. Germain, the Quartier Latin or the Marais over the 16th any day. At least in those neighbourhoods one gets a sense of history, whether ancient or more recent, and the shops are much more diverse and interesting.

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It's not on the direct route, but another place worth passing if you're interested is the Castel Beranger near the north end of rue Jean de la Fontaine, which is a full-size building by Hector Guimard who did the famous Paris Metro entrances. If you really like that style, there are many other art nouveau buildings in the 16th arrondisement - there's a few suggested itineraries online although mostly in French.