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Marks and Spencer at CDG

For those looking for a few provisions on their arrival at CDG, there is a wonderfully stocked M and S at the terminal E sortie level just before the exit to the taxi line. pastries, sandwiches, microwave meals, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables. There's supposed to be one also in terminal F. Open 6:00 to 23:00, 7 days a week bank holidays included. I don't know how this tallies with French holidays. Arriving here tired on a wet cold day, I certainly liked getting groceries before I got in the cab.

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Always love Marks and Sparks, no matter where they are.

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I literally just passed the one at Terminal 2F (currently on the Bus Direct into the city)!! Wish I had stopped in and gotten a beverage. . . I couldn't find anywhere to fill my water bottle in Oslo airport !!

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I love to stop at the one in E! I got such a good salad a couple of years ago with edamame and a bunch of very nice greens. Fresh and tasty. Funny you should post since I was just thinking about it as I considered my plans for my arrival day. I might pick up some food if it's a sunny day and head to a park for lunch.

I also recommend ducking in here if the taxi touts are out in force by the international baggage claim/customs exit. They won't follow you in here and you can catch your breath if you need a moment of peace to collect yourself.