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Markets Near Sarlat

Does anyone know where I can find a good map or at least a list of markets in the general proximity of Sarlat ? I thought I brought my lists
with me but apparently not! I know Rick lists a few places but I was looking for something a little more extensive. Any suggestions?

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These websites have market-related information. Unfortunately, such sources rarely display dates, so you often can't be sure you're looking at info for the current year. I can only wish you good luck. I'd stop in at any convenient local tourist office and ask about markets. They may even have a printed list to hand you.

For the Dordogne:

And for the Lot:

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Thanks, Acraven! Great idea about stopping in and asking at the tourist offices. I was at the tourist office today in Sarlat And did not think to ask. And of course I had not yet read your reply. Wi-Fi where we’re staying is pretty iffy. I will certainly check next time I’m in any of these local towns.

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Otherwise you can Google "jour de marché [name of village]" and see when regular weekly markets are held in the village of your choice, with the help of a translation tool if needed.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
There is a place called, Gramat. It has a 'star' market on Tuesday and Friday. It is in the neighborhood of the Lot and Cele Rivers. I do recommend it IF you are nearby. Market day was crowded with locals in from miles around. There is a meat market worth a visit too. A nice place with a winding main street.

Riom-es-Montagnes has a twice a month market with fresh fish netted out of the tank and clubbed right for your table. That, my friend, is fresh. Live poultry. And an exclusively cow bell shop with leather necklaces for the bells. Once again Riom is in the neighborhood. The scenery available around Riom is high quality. The market starts at the train station and winds its way through the village. Being Americans here made us a novelty. A woman we stopped to help with her packages who had worked in the US embassy in Paris asked us what were we doing here? I asked her the same. And she laughed and laughed.

wayne iNWI