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Making reservations/time slots at the museums

I am trying to make reservations for a time slot for the Orsay and Rodin.
We will have a Museum pass. I cannot find any place to make a reservation without paying for a ticket.
It always takes me to a place to pay for the ticket.
I made reservations for Versailles and the Louvre.
But those two I am having great difficulty.
Help please

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Since the time of compulsory timed reservations, the value of a museum pass has been greatly reduced. I'd personally skip it and just get tickets for the places you want to see, when you want to see them.

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I'll be in Paris late March/Early April. I have been many times, and always looked at the Museum pass as a must.... except recently. After doing the analysis for this current trip, I opted NOT to get the Museum pass, and buy tickets as I need them directly with the museum - I am finding it easier to get my time slots, and quite frankly, I think the value of the museum pass has eroded over the years. Just my opinion, of course.


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To me it is annoying as can be. I am a midwesterner and we arrive early EVERYWHERE. In France I always have to shake this. Fortunately, many museums I visited will let you in about a half hour early.

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Many exhibits and some museums have staged lines for those whose tickets are for the hour or half hour -- the result is that if you arrive early, you may be standing in the line for your time slot for half an hour till they start taking people from that line.

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Thank you! skunklet1771
That was very helpful.
I added up all the places we want to go. I think the museum pass is still a value.