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Making Contact with the Prince Hotel in Paris----a Recommended one by Mr Steves

We read about this hotel in the recommended section of a recent version of Rick's "France" guidebook. I have sent 3 e-mails asking about room and price details in order to make a booking for a couple of days in August 2021, but have received no response at all from the establishment. Does anyone have any knowledge or opinion about what could be the reason for this behaviour on the hotel's part ? Thank you.

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I gently note that a date so far in the future may be difficult to attract the establishment’s attention about. They may not even know yet what their prices are for 18 months from now.

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My guess is they are busy working on reservations that are not 18 months out, so they have not replied yet.

They also could be busy, wrong email listed, etc etc.

Have you tried contacting them directly via their website? I assume you are talking about this hotel:

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They probably saw the date 2021 and just hit the NEXT button. It’s way too far in advance.

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Thank you kindly to those who have quickly replied to my query; you each have stated that the issue is probably that our reservation request is for 18 months from now. Cheers !

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Although it might be nice to get a response, I agree that’s way too far in advance for them to care, unless there’s a major event like the Olympics.
Although my experience in hotel reservations dates way back, I doubt too much has changed. Most hotels will only take reservations 300 days in advance or so and will only open up a small number of rooms. The hotel may know that they often get wedding parties or business groups wanting blocks of rooms or may be planing some renovations. And, of course, what should be the rates? Making a decision right now for August 2021 in the grips of Corona paranoia might be silly.

So, I’d just hold off for a bit, if they have an online booking system you can look at the rates for August 2020 and get a ballpark figure.

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You probably already know this, but its worth checking your spam filter. Mine will block email from foreign destinations, and I've had this happen with hotel emails before.

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If you’ve already tried the website contact form, perhaps try their regular email:

Sometimes the front desk has easier access to the direct emails. At the very least, they should at least acknowledge your request.