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Luggage storage options Mont St. Michel (Nannybag?)

Does anyone have recent experience with Nannybag in France? More specifically with this service or another in/near Mont St. Michel? We're not keen on leaving luggage in the car while visiting the abbey, but we're passing through on our way from Bayeux to St. Malo.

Thanks for any recommendations or ideas!

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Used Nannybag in Paris a few weeks ago, and it all worked fine. I would say the key thing is paying attention to the type of business that is hosting Nannybag: they have varying hours and you want to make sure the one you choose will work for your schedule.

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There are no reasonable convenient options. Baggage lockers came out of MSM years ago. None of the shoreline hotels offer baggage check unless you stay.

I’ve been at MSM sometimes 4-5 times in a year (I live about 90 minutes from MSM) and leave stuff in my car ALL the time. This question comes up all the time and the answer is the same…. no baggage check.

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We were just in the parking lot at Mont Saint Michel. It’s a manned parking lot. (I’m not saying it’s secure and you do so at your own risk.) I was worried but it really didn’t seem at all worrisome once I saw it, and figured 50% of the tourists probably had their bags locked away in the trunk.

Obviously keep your valuables (passport, wallets, phones) with you. Nobody parking there wants your luggage with dirty laundry in it because they’ve got their own!!

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I'll just add that if you decide to leave your luggage in the trunk make sure nothing is visible from the outside and don't open the trunk in the parking lot. If you need something from your luggage stop before you get to MSM and get out what you need.

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What Bill G said. Do any arranging of your luggage well out of the eyesight of the ne'er-do-wells that might be lurking and looking. Show up ready to go.