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Louvre Time Slot Reservations

Hey everyone!
We will be in Paris in late part of June for the very first time. We are also nervous about getting a time slot for the Louvre. Does anyone know how the "Official Ticketing Service" works? (see: )
Specifically, when does the Louvre 'open' the days to reserve time slots?
I'm been watching the month of June since the end of February. Even though the beginning part of June is within 90 days, no days/timeslots are available! I already have Paris Museum Passes and have been accessing the calendar via that pathway. However, I have also tried to directly purchase a ticket (with time) and still don't see any days in June that are available.
Do they open it up week by week (although it doesn't seem so) or month by month (if so, when in the month.
Perhaps we'll end up doing an external viewing of the Louvre...

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Welcome to the forum!

In my experience the time slots do not sell out at the exact moment they open.

Yes, that is the correct ticketing site and the one that I use.

I think you are worrying for nothing. Look at the calendar for March and you will see there are still tickets available for this coming Sunday. Maybe not the times you would like but they are there. I do see there are many fewer slots available for Museum Pass ticket holders than if you are just buying the ticket directly. In looking at the non-museum pass tickets, I see there are tickets available for even this Wednesday for most of the day. If worst came to worst, you'd spend an extra 17E each for an admission ticket. That's a couple glasses of wine and a gelato, lol.

I'm not sure if they actually follow a strict schedule about when they load the tickets for the next time frame. I'd just check every day and I do not think you have to be on the site the instant they are released. This is not the case with the Eiffel Tower Tickets where you DO want to be ready to purchase as soon as the dates are loaded. (Or for some of the US National Park camping or entry reservations where you have to be on in the 1st second they come available).

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Thanks Pam! For the welcome and for the advice!
I did want to make sure that it wasn't just me who couldn't see the days in June :-(
Also, part of the greater "we" really wants to get to the Louvre early in the day.
It does seem that the tickets in the early time slots go more quickly!
In the meantime, we'll be practicing with our wine and our gelato until we get to Paris!

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You are so welcome!

"I did want to make sure that it wasn't just me who couldn't see the days in June :-("

Oh gosh, that is SO me!! So yes, good to check and good to make sure you've got the correct website and not some 3rd party.

"Also, part of the greater "we" really wants to get to the Louvre early in the day."

I'm with the greater we too, lol. I am not very heat-tolerant and to me the Louvre gets hot in many areas in the afternoon. I always try to get in at 9 or 930 so I am done by 1230 or so.

I know you will have an excellent time! Wine, gelato, art, gardens and just being IN Paris....nothing like it and that is from a non-city person.

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If you could convince the greater “we” to go on a late opening day in the evening, you might enjoy it more. We went last Friday at about four. By the time we left the place was almost empty. I talked to some friends who went that morning and said it was a crowded zoo

( keep in mind we never went to Mona because I don’t really care if I ever see that again. It is probably among the most overrated pieces of art I’ve ever seen.)

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We have been to the Louvre several times in the last year -- in October and in April and May -- we got time slots a few days in advance and have never had any problem getting tickets. In June, things heat up do go ahead and get them when they are available but that is not 3 mos out.

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Thanks for the great feedback!!
"We'll" try to keep things as low key as possible and go with the flow!
Also, while I agree with the over-rating of certain things, it would still be nice to see at least once :-) (Same goes with climbing the Eiffel Tower!!!). Besides, could it really be more disappointing than Plymouth Rock (LOL!!).
I'll let everyone know if and when the reservations open up!
Patiently yours...

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UDPATE!! And thanks to everyone for your support and good humor (I'm still chuckling over "There is nothing in Paris as disappointing as Plymouth Rock.")!!!!
I just confirmed my reservations for the Louvre. We got the early time slot that "we" wanted :-)
The Louvre seemed to open up the entire month at some point today. I was able to get the reservation tickets around 6 PM Paris time.
I just happened to be checking something during lunch and decided to check if they were available. I had already checked this morning with, yet again, more disappointment.
But, this afternoon, all of a sudden I was added to some sort of queue (called Queue It, or something like that). About 2 minutes later, I was added to their reservation/ticket page. The system was VERY slow. I'm guessing who ever wanted a time in June has been watching for this moment.
So, to wrap this up:
All of June opened up on March 21st.

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JAB - thanks for letting us know how it worked for you today! I think I will take your lead and start with the wine and gelato now! Going to be in Paris in May! AND appreciate the suggestion of evenings - we will do that!

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JAB - woohoo! That is awesome! I'm sure you felt like doing a happy dance so if you were at work people probably thought you were nuts. Only your new-found friends here on the forum will appreciate the elation this brings though, haha!!

Now, I'd suggest you access the Louvre email from your phone and do a screen shot of each ticket and add them to both a folder in the Notes part of your phone and the Albums part of your photos. (I use an iPhone so if you are on Android I'm not sure what they are called.) If you set those folders/albums up now you can back everything up as you go even if you decide to print things out. Then move your email to a June 2023 folder or however you've got it designated!

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Oh, Yeah...time for the Department of Redundancy Department!!! I know it well!!!
My Android is a little funky with such things, but I suspect that it is more of the user who has the issues!
But, we are making back-ups to back-ups.
Now...I return to my happy dance as we are so excited to see Paris and this remarkable museum.