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Louvre Room Numbering Schemes

As I research the Louvre for an upcoming visit, I find there appears to be two room numbering schemes. In one scheme, the room numbers are all single or double digits; in the other, all rooms are designated with three digit numbers. BOTH schemes are presented on maps from seemingly "official" websites with the URL beginning as

As an example, one map says Mona Lisa is in room 6, floor 1, Denon wing. The other says room 711, floor one, Denon wing. The two maps show exactly the same museum layout--only the room numbers differ (see links below). Odd, no? Can anyone explain?

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It looks like the first map is the new numbering system, and the second one the old one.

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And sometimes when you get there the room numbers are not evident.

I can tell you for sure that on the Sully Wing, 2nd Floor, the room that would be next to 902 that is shown on the one floor plan does have a number on the wall saying 903. I specifically took a picture of it because that gallery is where I found some paintings by Monet, Degas and other Impressionists. I had no idea they were there - thought they were all in d'Orsay so took a picture of the Room number so I could find them again. I didn't want them to move back thru some kind of veil/portal/stargate and be un-findable again, lol.

I've never seen the single and double digit numbers on the walls. I did get confused looking for a few things in particular and maybe I had seen a reference to the single digit system. The security guards are generally awesome and can usually tell you in English how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

By the way, that first English PDF is a copy of the actual map you'll pick up in the Entrance Hall.