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London to CDG

I will be in London for a couple of days, then will go to Paris by train. I will need to meet a group at CDG at 7:45 am. I will probably take the train to Paris the day before to meet the group in the morning. Any recommended hotels convenient to Gare du Nord or CDG?
Thank you!

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There are several hotels inside the CdG property and a cluster at the nearby village of Roissy. Many are chain hotels with shuttle service to the airport. Any internet hotel search function will show you the choices and prices. For your early-morning meet-up, see if the operating hours for shuttles are listed on the hotel website or e-mail the management. I haven't used a taxi but the distance is not great. Coming from Paris, the regional train stops at Terminal 2, where the shuttles operate (or used to; it's been awhile.)
One warning: Some on-line agencies think the convention centre is close to the airport. Not close enough, in my estimation.

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Are your friends landing at 745? or earlier? Just asking because if they land at 745 and have to go thru Immigration you'll have more time.

I'd probably stay in Paris. Although many find it acceptable I don't really like the area around Gare du Nord. I guess you are planning to take the RER out to the airport?

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