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Loire Valley ~ Favorite Small Town? Place to stay?

We enjoy quiet, small towns ~ good restaurants and will be wine tasting, of course!
Love small, local hotels or B&Bs.

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My favorite is Chinon. A few sites to take in, easy enough to visit the chateaux and some great restaurants. Also had no problem finding free parking! L'Oceanique is a highly recommended seafood restaurant and the the resto in the hotel Treille has great local dishes. We stayed in the Hotel Le Lion d'Or and thought it was a good hotel for the price. Lots of places to taste the Chinon grape in and around town.

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We stayed outside Tours and stayed for 2 nights in a chateau/Hotel. It was a treat.

We then drove to Amboise and fell in love with the cute town. Wish we had time to stay there but we were off to Paris at that point, Hope you find a great place.

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We stayed 2 nights at Chateau de Vallagon in Bourre in a quirky room (I requested it). It was a little out of the way but not much. It looks like a castle but isn't as old and is less expensive than some of the chateau hotels. It is close to Chenonceau where we went canoeing on the river. We ate in the village of Montrichard one night and Amboise the next.

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A second for Onzain - there is a bridge crossing the river to Chaumont, so you have easy access to both sides of the river without the traffic of the larger cities, and can easily get to any of the chateaux. It is fairly close to Blois; Amboise is a bit further the other direction, but close enough to have dinner. A car is definitely required.

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I stayed in Vouvray and they have wineries and it is about 20 minutes to Amboise.

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Another vote for Amboise.
My daughter and I enjoyed our stay in this peaceful town by the Loire River in a quiet b&b. We didn't have a car but managed to see a few chateaux via public transportation. Our favorite was Chenonceau!

If you choose to stay on Amboise, keep in mind that most shops and some restaurants are closed on Mondays.

There's a market on the main street near the helpful tourist office and some great restaurants facing the Amboise Castle.
We enjoyed a couple of delicious dinners at 'Chez Bruno' (advance reservations recommended)

Enjoy your time in dreamy Loire Valley!

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we are in Amboise at the moment, for 4 days, we have a car. as mentioned it is a very nice town of the small size. plenty of food options, very easy to walk around. parking while possible is not great but OK. We are staying in a B&B in Limeray, just outside of Amboise. at the moment it easy to drive around to the chateau's . ( easy to drive in and out of Amboise) while at the chateau's there are plenty of tourists but its not that bad moving around and seeing them.
tonight we watched about 8 hot air balloons take off out of Amboise. ( at around 8.30pm) nice to see. the weather is great and warm.
hope this helps.

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I think it depends on the chateux you are most interested in. Most people told me Chenonceau was their favorite. Amboise is a great base for that.

I liked Chinon. Realize, however, that the citadel in Chinon, a ruined fortress, is completely different than most of the chateaux in Loire Valley. I chose Chinon because I wanted to see something different. I like, but don't love, the opulent playgrounds of the rich that are most chateaux in the valley.

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We've stayed in Amboise twice, love it. Right on the river with a chateau and Clos Lucé (Leonardo da Vinci's last home). Chenonceau is also my favorite. Spent an entire day there last time, pure heaven.

We stayed at Le Manoir les Minimes second visit. Highly recommend.
First visit stayed at a RS recommended hotel, Hotel Bellevue, and it was beyond horrible. That was 16 yrs ago though, so may have improved by now.

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Check out - Le Clos de la Chesneraie

It is more into the countryside, very quiet but a great location for visiting chateau. A gorgeous B & B and amazing restaurants! But don't choose the restaurants yourself, let Beatrice do it for you. She is a foodie!! And she'll send you to places you might never find.

Look it up to see the location and how gorgeous this place is!

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Loches is a great little city and the centre ville is stunning and it's not overun with tourists.

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Amboise! Villa Concorde is the apartment we rented last year. Loved the apartment and the location.

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Hello , we are from California and have Just stayed at the B&B in the Loire Valley it is named
"Ferme Des Saules"

06 20 12 97 32 or

Merlin is a very warm and pleasant host you will. It be disappointed! This is a Ricksteves place for sure ! Our opinion safe travels leaving to. Normandy today . This BB is right down the street from the Chevreny Chateau one of the must see Chateau