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Lodging recommendtations in Amiens, France

I am planning a trip in mid September to visit a WW1 battlefield near Amiens. I am looking for a recommendation for lodging, as this isn't a place often visited by American tourists.

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Sydlunn: I cannot speak to lodging recommendations; however, I strongly recommend that you allocate a couple of hours while in Amiens to visit the fantastic cathedral there--well worth your time! Good luck and happy travels!


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Amiens and the Somme draw many tourists from many countries, to see where their soldiers fought and died., one of the largest on-line travel agencies, shows 36 properties, some belonging to big hotel chains. Probably other agencies have a selection too. It's on my list; I'd also consider the light show advertised for the cathedral, whose famous spire is a Picardy landmark.

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That's basically accurate: Amiens is off the American tourist radar, as in the city further north, Arras. I like Amiens but was only there on day trips, either from Paris or Arras. All the days I spent in Arras, including in the Grand'Place and the centre ville I never saw/heard Americans. Which WW1 battlefield near Amiens? The turning point in the war up north took place outside of Amiens in 1918.

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Arras is just down the road a tiny bit from the - I am searching for the right word - devastating, I think, perhaps all-encompassing Memorial by and for Canadians at Vimy Ridge, an absolutely horrific place. It is unimaginable the horrors that man can unleash on man. The Vimy Ridge Memorial explains and describes, and by its allowing the huge craters and trenches to remain demonstrates in a way that words find impossible.

I have visited many Second and First World War monuments and memorials, and many cemeteries, and I firmly believe that it is rarely done as well as the Canadians have done at Vimy Ridge.

Amiens is a bit further down the road, but not far.

I am struggling to think of an American WW-I connection there.