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Lodging in France

Hello, all!

My family of three will be spending five days in Paris in April. I booked through Airbnb but feel a little iffy about the company providing the flat - reviews online are all over the place. Can anyone recommend a good flat they’ve rented near-ish some of the main sites? A mile or two out is fine.

This is my daughter’s first trip overseas, and I’d rather not spend it stuck outside the flat and inconvenienced for hours. We’ve got things to do and food to eat and wine to drink (well, the parents anyway on the last one).

Thank you

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Will you be going to this flat upon arrival of your flight from the US? I ask because usually you can't get into an apartment until three or four in the afternoon. Sometimes you can drop your luggage off while cleaning staff is working there, but most times not. Consider a hotel for the first night if you can't get into the flat early in the day.

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Maybe you could share the name of the company you're concerned about, so posters could share any experiences they have with it.

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Or search prior posts here for recommendations. There are a million for Paris. I wouldn't risk a stay in an AirB&B in Paris, personally. There are a lot of apartment rentals and apartment-like hotels.
You don't say what your budget is, but a mile or two can be a long way out. I'd only do that with a very strict budget. With limited time, it's worth the money to be very central or at least very close to a direct metro line to most of what you want to see.

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Thanks everyone.

I looked but did not see a search option for the travel forum. Maybe there’s a difference since I’m accessing on my cell? Where is it showing you a search function?

Our plane doesn’t land until 1 pm, so I’m not worried about hanging out with luggage for a short bit. I was just worried from other things I’d seen about this rental group that the access codes didn’t work and they were difficult to reach.

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Top left
Click on the 5 white lines in the blue header and a search box opens

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Have you looked at
Most are central..maybe a bit higher in price..but have always been reliable. If possible. Central is about I have not used them yet.

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Regulations for apartment rentals, including registration requirements, have reputedly tightened up in recent years. My experience is out of date but I'm sure Google will dig up the rules.

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I’ll be staying in an Airbnb apartment in Paris in April. The important thing to remember about vacation rentals is that they have a registration number. Without one the rental isn’t legitimate and you could potentially find yourself without a place to stay. Also pay close attention to reviews. I ignore a negative review if it’s a complaint about something that doesn’t bother me. Otherwise I keep looking for something else.

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Andrea - this was the best advice! I asked them for their registration number for the unit and got an evasive answer. I canceled and booked a hotel instead. Thank you so much!