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Le relais des Halles or Joke astotel

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to decide between the following two hotels:

  1. Le relais des Halles
  2. Joke astotel

Both hotels have similar reviews. Which one would you recommend?

More info about my tripe:

I'll be a solo traveler in Paris for three nights at the beginning of June. I have no specific plans, just want to enjoy Paris main attractions. I fly out again from Paris at the end of my trip. I will have about 20 hours layover, arriving at 2 pm and departing at noon the next day. I feel like this would give me the whole evening to enjoy in Paris. Am I thinking right?

Both hotels are available for the two trips.

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If the Relais des Halles hotel that you are referring to is on 26, rue Pierre Lescot - 75001 PARIS, then I highly recommend it. We stayed there in May 2014, and it was a beautiful boutique hotel, with a great breakfast spread, and a very friendly and helpful staff.

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Indeed it is the same hotel. They have awesome reviews. Thanks for your input!