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Layover in Paris

Good afternoon everyone!

I'll be traveling to Stockholm in August and have a 9hr layover in Paris between flights. I was wondering what I can reasonably see/do with that window. Is that long enough to leave the airport and do something? Is there a train I can take from CDG into the city or would I need a taxi? Are there luggage lockers at the airport I can leave my carry-on in during my layover?

Any and all recommendations are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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At CDG, you can check with Baggage du Monde in terminal 2 for luggage consignment, note their open hours.

You can take the RER B (train) from either of the CDG stations into Paris. Tickets are 11.45€, but you can purchase a zone 1-5 day pass for 20.10€ which gives access to the RER, métro, city bus, tramway, or funicular. Day passes are valid until midnight.

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You will need to be very mindful of the time needed to return to the airport. 9 hours sounds like a lot, but when you factor in the things that can suck up time, it's not. From arrival gate to passport control, luggage drop off, to train station and day pass purchase- could be an hour, or it could be 2. 30 minutes or so to get to Gare du Nord. Then where? Pick a couple of sites that are close together and easy to reach by metro. Then be ready to start your return at least 3 hours before departure, keeping in mind you need to retrieve luggage and go through security. That would allow between 3-4 hours of sight seeing.

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If you do this, the RER B train will continue a couple of stops past Gare du Nord into the middle of the city. I'd suggest getting off at St-Michel, right at the river opposite Notre Dame. If the weather's good, nearby is the dock for the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, a nice hour-long boat ride up and down the Seine, no need to reserve. It's also a good place to start a walk in any direction. Nearby attractions include Notre Dame (the west front), the Cluny Museum, Luxembourg Gardens, Pantheon, and neighborhoods like the Latin Quarter, St-Germain, Ile St-Louis, and Marais. The Louvre isn't far, but it's too big a project (including timed entry and security line) for your purposes.

But CJean's time warnings are, if anything, not conservative enough. You'll eat a lot of those nine hours in the logistics. CDG is not an easy airport even for people with experience there. And if you've been flying all night you won't be at your sharpest.

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I would allow for 90 minutes to get from landing to Bagages du Monde to drop off your bag. Then 60 minutes to get into Paris and 60 minutes to return to the airport and another 60 minutes to retrieve luggage and get to the area to go through security. I'd plan for all of that be done with 90 between arriving at the security area and getting to your flight. That is 6 hours for logistics so you have a lovely three hours in Paris, assuming your flight lands on time. You might want to spend some time looking at Paris By Train which will provide you with instructions (including pictures) for how to take the train from CDG to Paris and vice versa. Make sure that you are pickpocket proof while on the train and while hitting the tourist hotspots.

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Which '9 hours' are you there?

If your ticket does not allow lounge access, you may want to consider buying a day pass, taking a shower and putting on fresh clothes, so when you get to Stockholm you are not the poster picture for 'road kill'

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Thanks for all the replies and recommendations.
To clarify, I'm landing in CDG around 11 and have to board the next flight at 20:30.
I do have Priority Pass, so have lounge access to one in Terminal 1 and another in Terminal 2E.
Assuming the weather is nice, gives me a little time to explore the city in the early afternoon.
I'm an experienced solo traveler but this will be my first time in Paris, so the warnings about the airport being complicated and other logistical issues are greatly appreciated. It's beginning to sound like I may have enough time to grab a snack, pick a museum or landmark, and head back after a few hours.