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layover in Amsterdam

Hi -
We are traveling Portland - Amsterdam - Bordeaux the week before Christmas.
I know we have to go through passport check, but not customs, in AMS.
Does anyone think a one hour, 22 minute layover in Amsterdam is too tight? I am reluctant to book this flight, as it seems that is cutting things too close.
Otherwise, it would be a great choice for a flight!
Any recommendations on this?

thanks, Tamara

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We changed in Amsterdam going to Bordeaux and found it very quick, even with two international planes arriving at the same time. As long as your first plane isn’t terribly late, you should be ok. Lucky you—we had to hang out and wait for four hours.

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Is this the direct Delta flight PDX-AMS? And you'd be connecting to Bordeaux on the same ticket with Delta or a partner? If so, I'd most definitely do it, especially if there are later KLM flights on to Bordeaux that you would get put on if you miss your connection. That's a great direct Delta flight to AMS - always tried to get it whenever I could before, but I used Alaska miles in the past, and Delta and Alaska are no longer partners!

Schiphol airport (AMS) is otherwise very efficient even if it's huge, and most likely 1:22 is adequate time to make the connection, if your inbound flight is on time. If not - as I said, you should get put on the next flight if it's all on one ticket. And you'd arrive early enough from PDX that you'd have plenty of time to get a later flight.

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Is it the Delta routing of PDX-AMS on flt 178, connecting to DL9539 ( a KLM flt) ?

As Delta is selling it as a single ticket you should be OK. Otherwise the burden is on Delta to get you to Bordeaux

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Looking at the Delta schedule, if you missed the original flight, KLM has another at 3:55 pm, so you will get there.