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Last day in Dordogne and need suggestions

I have one day left in Sarlat and Dordogne region and can’t decide where to go. My thoughts were 1, carennac and Martel 2.Collognes la Rouge and Turenne 3. Rocamadour 4 Marqueysac 5 Brantome.
We’ ve been to Roques Gayeac, Peche Merle, Limeuil, Les Miranda’s. Eyrignac gardens, St Cirq Lapoppie, Figerac, Domme and canoed on Dordogne.
Help, we can figure out how to end our stay here.

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Choose 1 + 2 , this will allow you to see the maximum number of places without spending too much time on the road (less than 90mi)

From Sarlat go to Martel:

Then go to Carennac:

Then Collonges-La-Rouge:

And finally Turenne:

Then return to Sarlat. And if you still have some time, stop in Souillac to visit the Louis Roque distillery and taste the "Vieille prune de Souillac" (with moderation)

Since you have already visited the region by car, I think it is useless to tell you not to believe the travel times indicated by the GPS, So try to leave soon enough

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Of your options I've only been to Martel, Rocamadour and Brantome. All visits were constrained by a need to adhere to the bus schedule, and that will not be an issue for you.

Brantome is cute but quite small. I was irritated that I didn't get there early enough for the weekly market, but I believe it is probably rather small. There were only a handful of other people visible on the street around noon on a Friday in June; I guess all the locals were at home, having lunch.

Rocamadour was over-the-top touristy because all I had time to see was the cafe- and shop-packed street at the bottom of the town. I'm sure it's much nicer if you have time to see the religious buildings farther up the hill. I would certainly not go back unless sure I'd have sufficient time for a proper visit to the town.

Martel I found pleasant for strolling. I don't think it's larger than Brantome (Google Maps suggests it's smaller), but it felt livelier; there were people eating lunch outdoors. I may have been the only non-French visitor at the time; I liked that.

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Hi there

Hope you figured it out. We will be staying just outside Sarlat from June 24 to 29 before heading to Lyon area for 3 days.

Your activities seem great! Anything you would add or takeaway from what you did :) Thanks

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I loved Sarlat and it was a good home base for our touring. Some of the towns that were top on my list were Domme, Rocques Gayeac, St. Cirq Lapoppie, Martel, Carennac, Collonges de Rouges, Peche Merle, Les Millandes , Limeuil, and canoeing on the Dordogne.
I’d go back again and stay even longer.
Have a great trip,