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Ladies, what was your most romantic sight/to do in Paris?

Planning my fifth trip to France. First four were solo trips so I focused on what appealed to me, history and culture. This trip is different. September will be a honeymoon.

Paris is one of my favorite cities to visit but I've never viewed it as romantic. Women seem to view Paris as a romantic place. I want to include activities women find romantic. If left to my own devices walking on the Seine in the evening or a Seine cruise at sunset would be my top choices. Dining open air is also nice since a good meal is an activity. Maybe dancing (but where)? I've been to a jazz concert and a show but didn't see either of them as a romantic thing.

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Hi Brad, congratulations on your honeymoon! I found the Rodin museum to be very romantic. The atmosphere is wonderful and there are some very passionate sculptures as well. I also enjoyed eating lunch and relaxing in the garden cafe.

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“Paris is one of my favorite cities to visit but I've never viewed it as romantic. Women seem to view Paris as a romantic place. I want to include activities women find romantic.”

This may be much easier than you expect. Ask your fiancé what she would like to do in Paris.

I’ve been to Paris with and without my husband several times. Just being with him can change the exact same activity from fun to also romantic. I was going to suggest the night Seine cruise but see you listed it. Having reservations to go up the Eiffel Tower just before sunset and staying up there while the city lights come on is another. Having a picnic at a park, strolling through the Luxembourg Garden with a gelato, maybe taking one of the historic car tours through Paris, pretty much anything can be special moments together.

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Thanks for the responses. I like Rodin, both the sculpture and the building. That's a good recommendation. I think she'll enjoy Orangerie and d'Orsay. I'll definitely get the museum pass but am aiming at heritage days for part of our Paris time. I haven't seen Cluny since they started renovation. Looks like it's closed again this September.

I like good food and can cook (I owned a restaurant in the 90's) but I don't consider myself a "foodie". One reason I like Europe is their focus on quality/seasonal ingredients. She is a foodie. The worst possible restaurant would be an expensive place with average food. The best possible would be cozy with great food. A view is nice but the food takes precedence. I have a handful of favorite places I go back to.

I expect to do picnics during the day, picking up food and taking it to a park, that's something I always enjoy. Probably a light snack and wine along the banks of the Seine for sunset, then dinner afterward. I've always enjoyed the atmosphere along the Seine in the early evening.

She also likes wine. Part of the trip will be a loop through Burgundy, Alsace and Champagne so I'm not hugely worried about wine in Paris. If you have a favorite wine shop near the center, though, I'm all ears.

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Photoshoot? That's an interesting idea. She put together an engagement website and commented we don't have many photos of just the two of us. We're sailing in the British Virgin Islands next week (renting a boat and sailing it ourselves). We plan to make sure we get a lot of couples shots. I don't think I'd want Eiffel Tower in the background but there are a lot of great backdrops in Paris.

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In regards to photoshoots, AirBNB is now offering "experiences". I'm in a travel group on FB just for women and the idea is rapidly becoming very popular. Everything from an incredibly affordable group photoshoot where you travel in a small group and each person or couple gets a few pictures before you move on to another area to take pictures (I don't like the idea of posing for a picture in front of strangers but that's just me), to a private shoot which is still typically more affordable than a traditional photo shoot.

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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I think this is also true when it comes to your question.

I agree with Jane’s suggestion:

Ask your fiancé what she would like to do in Paris.

As you well know there are a myriad of beautiful sites/sights in Paris.

I think Paris is romantic because there’s art everywhere you look; the architecture of ancient buildings, the churches with majestic stained glass windows, the Seine River and it’s many amazing bridges, the spectacular gardens, the museums, the sunsets, etc, etc...

Having said this, it’s imperative for you to find out what’s romantic to her, not just for the honeymoon, but for the rest of your lives together!

If your fiancé is a foodie, she probably already knows where she’d enjoy a great meal (I presume she’s the special French woman you met on one of your trips a while back, right?)

We're sailing in the British Virgin Islands next week (renting a boat and sailing it ourselves).

This sounds very romantic... but only if you’re an expert sailor and... You promise that I wouldn’t get seasick 😉

Wishing you a long life filled with much love and joy!

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Here's a few ideas...
Visit local markets together and pick out some delicious cheeses, fruit, wine and a fresh baguette and then stroll through the Luxumbourg Gardens and find a peaceful spot to enjoy your picnic.

Hop on the train to Versailles - meander though the vast gardens, rent a canoe and paddle around the lake or rent bikes and ride around the park. Stop to visit Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon. Enjoy a picnic while you're there.

Stroll the streets of Montmartre - visit Sacre Coeur, have lunch in a sidewalk cafe, tuck into some of the side streets and discover lovely shops and architecture.

Take her shopping for a beautiful Parisian outfit or gorgeous pair of shoes.

Go with her to a perfume blending workshop (google Perfume making class Paris for places that offer this) and create a custom perfume evoking your honeymoon.

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Gosh......romance can be the most simple things in life........small little things that happen with great sincerity that demonstrate your love. It really is the LITTLE considerate things.

You have some GREAT ideas already......walking along the Seine, or just over one of the lovely bridges. Evening cruise (open air seats) with the lights on the Eiffel twinkling is good, assuming a lovely evening weather-wise. Chilly?, take off your jacket and warm her...and/or stop and buy her a fabulous Parisian shawl.

Surprise her some morning (or every morning) by bringing her orange juice and a chocolate croissant (assuming she likes those...or a muffin and tea...whatever she can be from the hotel's complimentary does not matter) while she gets ready for the day.

In a quiet moment, tell her how wonderful your life is because you are sharing it with her.......ditto for how this trip is your favorite trip to Paris, for that same reason.....then take that selfie of the two of you at that moment (or get the waiter or another traveler to do it, if you cringe at the thought of selfies...LOL). Take the initiative yourself to have the photo printed and framed when you get home.

Put a specially selected card on her pillow in the evening with a handwritten, from-the-heart little note.

Agree with other posters, it depends on what SHE likes and wants to do...but if she does not offer up ideas, take the lead a bit. If you are going somewhere you have been, but she has not, introduce it that you want to show the most special person in your life what you think is the most special place in Paris....if you can pull that off without sounding scripted or cheesy.

A toast to each other over dessert at a small outdoor cafe. Or, when you are walking along an outdoor market street, stop and buy her a few flowers as a surprise on the spot. If you take home a bottle of French wine, plan to open it exactly a year later or on your next anniversary (then make a note to do just that).

Select a special Christmas tree ornament together (that you buy in Paris), and then each year when it is placed on your tree, you can remember your special trip together.

When those "cranky moments" of overseas travel happen (and they do when one travels with someone often brings out the worst in us with the long flights, lack of sleep, etc.), look at her and tell her she is beautiful and that you love her.

Even though you will travel carry-on, carry her bag for her and ditto for in/out of the overhead.

The big, planned romantic things are nice, but the little, sincere actions are what will make the trip :)

Note: advice from someone who recently celebrated 46 years of marriage..

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I just want to say that I have lived in Paris and traveled there many times and I am taking notes here. I love the Rodin Museum and I vote for the photo shoot! I have done a wine tasting at O Chateau with my husband that we really enjoyed. I have also contemplated doing a splurge meal up in the Eiffel tower or on a Seine cruise, but I have not done it.

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Of course there are many, but my recommendations for charming restaurants with good food.
L Ami Jean 27 rue Malar, 7th arr a little pricey, but wonderful friendly ambience and great food.

La Fontaine du Mars, 127 rue St. Dominique, 7th quintessentially French bistro decor. Excellent duck confit. Probably a little less costly than L Ami Jean.

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Since she is a foodie, take a food/culinary(tasting) tour together and sign up for a cooking/pastry/whatever class together. Also pop into one of the top home kitchen supply stores (save room in the luggage for some special little something).

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My husband isn't romantic, but he has his moments. On one trip to Paris, he bought me an arrangement of flowers for our apartment. Another trip, he bought 3-4 bottles of champagne for us to have our own tasting back at the apartment. But what I remember most is when we were stuck at a cafe under an awning during a freak hail storm. After the hail, it rained non-stop for an hour. He left me there to go buy an emergency umbrella.

I think the Medici Fountain in the Jardin du Luxembourg is crazy romantic. Grab two good chairs, pull out the picnic and enjoy.

There's nothing better than a walk through the Marais at night holding hands and simply enjoying each other.

Romance happens because you are thoughtful and have an open heart and mind. No doubt you'll find your moments on your trip. And don't forget to tell people it's your honeymoon! Not only is one of the best words to say in the English language, but the French will want to celebrate with you!

(Been married 30 years. And to this day, what I love most is that when we get a loaf of bread, either at home or when traveling, he always gives me the ends. I call them "love notes." See, doesn't take much... )

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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I cannot add to this thread because my husband and I are going to Paris for the first time this October. I am going to read all responses carefully to help plan our trip.

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A guy's perspective here...…..Like you, I too had been to Paris a few times prior to when my new wife and I went there on our honeymoon two+ years ago. I too had never looked at Paris as "romantic" simply because I wasn't there with anyone I was deeply madly in love with. Trust me - the minute the two of you step out onto the street after arriving and checking into you hotel and getting situated, the whole concept of Paris as "romantic" will make perfect sense as you begin walking down the street. It's not necessarily the destination (but Paris being Paris certainly helps) but the time together showing her the City for the first time. The view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the wonderful smells emanating from the bakeries, etc., sipping coffee at a sidewalk café, even just walking along the Seine - they all take on a different "feel" when your sharing them with the one you love. Savor those moments......they are priceless. As for specifics on what to do, you really cant go wrong with anything. Give your wife the guide book and let her choose what she wants to do. Chances are pretty good that most of what she will select you would select too.