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La Rochelle information

Our family will be staying in La Rochelle for a couple of days. Has anyone stayed there and have suggestions of what to do? Are there day trips to Cognac or the wine country?

Thank you

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I haven't been there but I read this book by Ina Caro, with a wonderful chapter on La Rochelle. Also you could look at a couple of guidebooks (from the library if you don't want to buy) for ideas.

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Kind of a broad question.

If you're completely in the dark so far, maybe google La Rochelle and Poitou-Charentes and see what's interesting. A couple of days isn't that much even if you stay right in the city.

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I haven't visited La Rochelle in many years but know that there are at least two outstanding features:
At the port there are concrete submarine pens built by the Germans during WWII which withstood allied bombing and, at the time I visited, were used to house fishing boats.
The other was the palace in which Napoleon stayed prior to his exile to Elba. His room remains at is was the day he left the palace two hundred years ago. We dined at the palace in a private affair so I'm not sure what the visiting arrangements are now.
La Rochelle must a have a visitor's bureau which can guide you to these and other visit opportunities.