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June 2020 Paris - Disneyland- Bruges- Amsterdam

Dear friends,
I came across this forum while planning our summer trip. This is our first trip to Europe though we have travelled to the US and many Asian countries.
We are four of us (my husband and myself and 2 daughters - 6,9). We are traveling from Muscat- Oman.
We are planning to visit Paris and Amsterdam.
We are flying in to Paris and leaving from Amsterdam.
This is the itinerary so far -
12- Reach CDG at 8 and tour Paris
13 and 14 Paris( day trip to Versailles)
15 and 16 - Paris Disneyland
17-20 - Amsterdam.

Please suggest good B&Bs in Paris and Amsterdam close to city centre. Most hotels are very expensive. Will 2 nights be good enough to explore Amsterdam.

We are planning to stay in Any reviews would be appreciated

Also, I’m considering spending 17th night in Bruges and just 2 nights in Amsterdam. Would that be a good idea?

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Also, I’m considering spending 17th night in Bruges and just 2 nights in Amsterdam. Would that be a good idea?

I think not.

With the time you have, trying to cram a 3rd stop into the trip is a big time investment in traveling and little time being there.

My $0.02

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I'll vote as well against adding Bruges to the itinerary. It'll be a hassle for just one night and with 2 young children in tow. I might also question Versailles with young children, and would opt instead for just spending the 2.5 days you've set aside for Paris in the city itself.

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Thank you for your replies. I think it’s too much as well. Will 2 nights in Disneyland be ok?

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Just to be sure I understand, the current plan is
June 12- Reach CDG at 8 and tour Paris
13 and 14 Paris( day trip to Versailles)
15 and 16 - Paris Disneyland
17 travel to Amsterdam, half day in Amsterdam
18-20 - Amsterdam.
21 - fly home

I took my children to Europe when they were 8 and 11. You lose a lot of time when you have to check out, move to a new location, and check in. We didn't go to Disneyland but we did spend a day at Legoland in England. You know your children best - their interests, energy levels, and tolerance for crowds and lines. We spent time in parks and zoos (and took a canal boat ride in Amsterdam).

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Here’s my experienced 2 cents on Disneyland Paris. First, our family loves Paris and Disney Parks, so I’m coming from a point of appreciation for both. We love Paris just a little bit more, and there are so many wonderful, engaging and fun things for kids to do in Paris, we didn’t find the room to add Disneyland to a Paris itinerary until our 4th family visit. We devoted one late-spring day as an easy, but long day trip from our hotel in central Paris. It was a memorable and fun day. We are glad that we went - especially for bragging rights : ) however we all decided that we’d rather do our Disney in the US and do Paris whenin Paris.

You know your kids best and I’m aware that every family approaches the parks with a strategy that works for their unique interests and needs. With that in mind, here’s a suggestion for how you might do Disney and enjoy the most of Paris on a tight schedule: consider doing Disneyland as a day trip(s) rather than picking up and moving to a hotel out by the park (several easy ways to do this with either Disney ticket that includes shuttle from the city or public transit). I think that one day at the park could be sufficient. If you are considering 2 full days at the park, this next suggestion may be easier said than done, does require some flexibility and may cost a few more euros/dollars - you might just commit to one day at the park at first and after being in the park, if you decide that you must return for a second day, buy those tickets and go. If your family thinks “that was fun, but Paris is waiting,” you can skip the park and devote that second day to the city. You’d have to finesse that one.

I also agree with the others, skip Versailles and Bruges, and minimize your lodging moves and concentrate on just two cities for this trip.

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hey hey anita
how fun to be traveling to paris and amsterdam. it will be busy, crowded, and hot since it's summer time and high season, as things will change with the virus, more people may cancel and more openings for hotels. the travel industry is taking a big hit with all involved. where are you flying in from? what is budget in euros and exact dates?
did you already book paris? be very careful when booking BnB's, it's usually for two people, if you have 4 they will deny you and you have to scramble to find another more expensive last minute. all people in room is counted, you will need to pay a city tax per person/per night cash euros, outside of price of room. read the fine print/look at pictures closely. A/C, stairs/steps, lift/elevator, what floor to climb with kids and luggage, arrival/departure times so not waiting till checkin, early checkin available and luggage storage, cancellation policy (non refundable/free cancellation), security deposit hold on credit card, breakfast will probably cost, unless stated, buy something outside.
rooms in paris (europe) are small even bathrooms/showers, usually no tubs. check these couple places and if they suite your needs, it's late to be reserving but you'll find something
les patios du marais 1
135 suite franck, great 1 bedroom apt, center of paris
short stay group museum view serviced apts
hotel choiseul opera
maybe go to disneyland first then back to paris so it's easier to get to train station to amsterdam, unless the train leaves from disneyland. did you book your train paris to amsterdam? it's easy and about 3 hours ride. city center to city center, no waiting at airport.
lots to think about, don't want to be doris downer but the facts and when all is set and done with, trip will be much better. i would omit versailles, too long a day, crowded, girls will get grumpy. take them to luxembourg gardens, have a picnic, relax, sail boats in pond, playground and carousel. guide to luxembourg gardens or take a tour around paris, see the sites, no tired feet for all of you. is a cute small candy store, bisquit, cookie store on ile st louis island, near famous ice cream shop (berthillon). i really liked the fruit gels, flavored marshmallow strips, fruit filled cookie. pack in fancy boxes and sent home to family in hawaii has kid friendly adventures, some kids free with parent
angelina's on rue rivoli. gorgeous restaurant known for yummy hot chocolate
montemarte and place de tertre is an artist haven, paintings for sale or have your picture painted, lots of people and one of my favorite places. sit at outside cafe and people watch.
you can only go so fast as the slowest one in your group. remember to sit back, enjoy, i'm in paris atmosphere have a great time.

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Thank you all so much for your sincere replies and suggestions.
Like all of you have suggested we will skip Versailles and Bruges.

We are looking into AirBnB s and have selected 3 close to 8th arrondissement. Do you think that is central enough?
Marty, we are traveling from Oman. Would it be smarter to do Disneyland and then a Paris and then Amsterdam instead of my itinerary.?
Just worried that Disneyland would be more crowded on the weekend?
I understand that Disney in Paris is no comparison to Orlando - but it’s a treat for the girls so we want them to be able to enjoy it without rushing.

Again, appreciate all your suggestions

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"Marty, we are traveling from Oman. Would it be smarter to do Disneyland and then Paris and then Amsterdam instead of my itinerary.?"

I bet you're right, Disneyland is probably more crowded on weekends.

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Ah, OP, I apologize for my assumption based on a misreading. You do say you have “been” to the US not “from.” Thank you for your kind, understanding response. Coming from Oman and not the US, without quick or easy access to Anaheim or Orlando, I now say - go ahead and split your Paris time between the Park and the City. It will be a wonderful treat for your family. Have a great time!