Itinerary suggestions: drive from Barcelona to Paris with a stop in Lyon

My boyfriend and I are attending a wedding Le Boulou, France in early August. We're planning to fly into Barcelona, spend a couple days there (our itinerary will not allow for more, and I have been previously) and then drive to Le Boulou. I understand there are fees if we rent a car in Spain and drop off in France, so I am looking into train options as well.

From Le Boulou, we are planning to visit a friend of his in Lyon and then make our way to Paris for a few days. Can anyone recommend a route or itinerary from Le Boulou to Lyon? Collioure seems highly recommended - is it worth an overnight stay? Is Avignon worth a visit on our way? Any other towns to visit? We both love food and wine - if there are any recommendations on where to stay and for how long - or where to dine - it would be greatly appreciated!

We are a bit flexible at this point, as we have not yet booked hotels, etc.

Posted by Laura
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Avignon is well served by train, but driving could get you onto a less-traveled road, for instance via Roquefort and the Gorge du Tarn. You could detour a little further west to Albi for it's well-preserved (and different) gothic cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec musuem, if those interest you. Presumably you don't need the car to visit the friend. If you drop the car in Lyon, direct TGV train to Paris takes only 2 hours.