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Itinerary help with strike considerations (London, Paris, Beaune, Lyon)

Hello all!

My husband and I are taking a trip from May 25-June 8. I had created an itinerary and was just starting to book travel and lodging, but luckily most things are not set in stone and we can adjust to try to avoid potential strike issues with trains and airfare.

Days set in stone:

May 25-28: London. Scheduled to leaving the morning/afternoon of the 29th, a strike day.

June 7-8: A final night in London, in order to fly out the afternoon of the 8th- both strike days.

Now up in the air:
May 29-June 7: set aside for Beaune (2 nights), Lyon (4 nights), Paris (3 nights)

Strike days within our time in France: 5/29, 6/2, 6/3, 6/7, 6/8. We'd originally planned to take the Eurostar from London to Paris and then train to Beaune for two nights, train to Lyon for 4 nights, and then train back up to Paris for 3 nights, and Eurostar back to London. Our goals are to reduce travel time. We plan to visit vineyards during our time in Lyon and Beaune (considering a day trip to Chablis as well).

Currently I'm considering two other options-

1: Fly from London to Lyon (5/29, strike day) and stay 4 nights
Drive from Lyon to Beaune (6/2, strike day) and stay 2 nights
Train from Beaune to Paris (6/4, not a strike day) and stay 3 nights
Fly Paris to London (6/7, strike day) and leave the next day.

2: Fly from London to Paris, stay 3 nights
Train Paris to Beaune on 6/1, stay 2 nights
Drive Beaune to Lyon on 6/3 (strike day), stay 4 nights
Fly Lyon to London on 6/7 (strike day), leave the next day.

I would be so grateful for advice from travelers who are familiar with these cities.

Totally open to other itinerary options for our days in France. I am only familiar with Paris, and know how difficult it can be to get in and out by air vs. train.

Thanks so much for any help!

Edited to add: we are now planning to fly early from Paris or Lyon into Heathrow on the 8th, and go through the process of re-entering security etc to get to our flight back to the US, giving us another evening in Paris or Lyon before heading back.

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