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Itinerary help for Paris in two days

Hi all. We will be spending 5 nights in Paris next July, so will have four full days and one evening (arriving via train from Milan). We will have only two dull days to see Paris, since we have two day trips. I have been to Paris and done most of these things, but taking my children (17 and 15). This is what we would like to see, and was hoping for suggestions on how to organize it. Plan on getting the Navajo cards for the Metro.

St. Chapelle
Eiffel Tower climb
Rodin Museum*
Versailles (afternoon for musical fountains)
Luxemborg gardens*
Sacre Cour*

We will go to Arc du Triumphe on the evening we arrive, and walk Champs Elysees. New places for husband and I would be the ones marked with *. Suggestions for organizing this?


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I would suggest checking the days of the week that you want to see everything against any closing schedules. The Rodin Museum and Versailles, for example, are closed on Mondays. The Versailles fountains will go on weekends and most Tuesdays. Equipped with this information, you can start laying out what is possible.

I will add that it is easy walking from the Rodin Museum to the Eiffel tower, so I would put those two together.

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And the transport thing you want is the Navigo Decouverte not the Navajo card and the pass runs from Mon-Sun of a single week. Great bargain if your dates match French customer service is not exactly their main deal and bounding up and asking for Navajo cards may well get you a blank stare and claim that they don't exist. You will need postage stamp size head shots for it which you can bring with.

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My advice: cut Versailles--too much time and you will feel rushed.

Sacre Coeur may be too far afield from the areas you are concentrating on, so that would be the next to cut if you run out of time.

Go to the Louvre on the day it is open until 9 p.m. This might combine well with a day time visit at the Eiffel Tower. The date of this ticket will dictate when you do the other things on your list.

I would recommend one of the jump on and off river boat tickets. This will allow you to go to St. Chapelle, stroll through the Tuileries Garden (I know it's not the Luxembourg Gardens, but is in the vicinity), and then visit the Musee D'Orsay and l'Orangerie in one sequence.

The Rodin Museum can be combined with the Luxembourg Gardens, and maybe the Catacombs, which is nearby.

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I agree with Steph. I would cut Versailles in July as that would eat a lot of time. I think your checklist is good otherwise. Personally, I think Champs Elyesees is kind of a drag, and would suggest using the Metro between the Arc and Place Concorde with a walk through Tuleries instead. Other ideas your kids might be interested in: Napoleons tomb & Army museum (close to Rodin museum and Eiffel Tower), Catacombs, or Pere Lachaise (a nice outdoor activity.)

Just to note too, Montmartre/Sacre Coeur can get really crowded in good weather, particularly towards the evening and on weekends. I would not necessarily cut it (though it’s cuttable) but maybe plan around it.

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Versailles is a day trip in itself basically. With only two days, you don’t have time for it.

I also wouldn’t spend my time in Paris walking up or down the Champs-Élysées, but lots of people do . . .

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The Louvre is one of those huge museums that takes multiple days to see. Spend some time on the museum's website before you leave home and figure out your plan of attack. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time wandering around aimlessly or moving between scattered parts of the collection. I haven't been to Paris recently, but I assume Rick's guidebook has a walking tour that routes you to some of the best-known pieces, if that's what you are most interested in.