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Itinerary for 6 days in Paris.

Greetings fellow travelers.

Am going to Paris on April and would like some assistance planning our trip.

We will have 6 full days and night to spent in France and this is the plan. We're staying in Torcy, France close to the RER, therefore we will be commuting practically everyday to Paris. I would like to have some suggestions on the "Navigo" card. For what I have read its good for both the trains and rails.

Am going with some friends to celebrated their 40 anniversary and am sort of their "guide". The plan is to take the Hop Off/On Bus to see the city and afterward we may take the boat cruise. They would like to see the Mona Lisa so we will stop briefly at the Louvre.

Another thing they are looking forward to is The Eiffel Tower and The Arch. They want to go up the tower, so very likely I would go to the Orangery Museum and or D' Orsay while they go up the tower I will go up the Arch with them. Are they other museums that may be of interest to me. I love love the Impressionist Era (yeah, I know...cliché) so suggestions are deeply appreciated.

The couple would like to go and see Mont St. Michel and maybe the D Day Beaches and I, Monet's Gardens in Giverny. Please share any ideas on bus tours. Would it be better if we catch a train and stay overnight? How far are the "Castle" from the Beaches. How easy or hard is to get a car rental and drive in France?

Somewhere, I have to book a "date" night for them. He would like to go to a Jazz Club, any suggestions. Also, need suggestions on fun and exciting places to eat. She looked up a place called "Ground Control" is recommendable? What's the best to try out? and last but not least. I want to go to check out "Amelie" filming locations (hey I did said am very cliché), could you share how easy would be to get there? I was in Paris on 2017 for a whole 2 day and stayed on Montmartre but completely missed it. Oh! and did I mention that they both want to go to Disney Village, (we're from Florida and they are former cast members).

I know is a lot to pack on 6 days but they want to make it the trip of a lifetime.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide!

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I wonder why you’re staying in Torcy rather than in Paris. Is that something you’d reconsider? Being able to wander around Paris in the evenings would make your trip much more enjoyable, plus, the RER tends to be packed and not as reliable as you might hope.

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lnbsig - Hi,

She decided on that place due to the cost (and frankly a bit scared that she was not going to find something).

According to Google, Torcy is about 35 minutes from Paris Center on train.

I was trying to find us a place with two bedrooms in the city but couldn't find one at a affordable price. Am hoping to find something closer to the city. If you have any suggestions for a place that is affordable and safe in Paris that is not more than $1500 I would truly appreciated it.

Thank you!

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Well the one upside I see is you are 10min from DLP so your friends can easily fit in a visit to the parks.

Run some numbers on just how much time you’re going to be spending in trains otherwise. 35m from your place to 1 point in Paris doesn’t mean all of the sites will be so quick. You’re really far out.

I would skip the on-off bus and instead day to day pick an area/zone and explore in depth that section. There’s SO much to see and do in the city 6 days and you’d still have weeks worth left.

I would recommend sitting down and making a list as well as marking a map all the sites and points of interest you want to do. See where all the spots are, and from there start to group and form day by day plans. For example D’Orsay, Musee Armee, and Rodin museum all make great combos with Eiffel Tower. Your Disney day can be combined with a nice dinner out (in an arrondissement nearer your apartment) as food in Disney parks is notoriously terrible.

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Disney & D-day beaches on a 6 day trip? That means you have a 4 day trip, and you're commuting - I'd recalibrate and adjust from there.

Ftr, allows you to filter, so $125/night per room. there is availability in Paris, depending on what your dates are.

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"They would like to see the Mona Lisa so we will stop briefly at the Louvre."

I just can't imagine this will work out very well from the Ho-ho bus if that is what you were planning. I would do your Louvre visit on another day as you'll need a timed entry even if you just want to "zip" in to see the Mona Lisa. Book ahead on the official Louvre website. Right now they do not appear to be too busy but the Louvre does sell out so you'll want to watch the website to see how far ahead you need to book to get in on the day and at the time you choose.

So, with 6 full days you are staying 7 nights? I think you'll wind up paring down what you see as you've got a lot for that amount of time. D-day landings and Mont-Saint-Michel are a day each in my experience. You can do Giverny as a day trip from Paris but I think you'll need to travel in to Paris to catch the train out to Giverny. They'll also be spending another full day at Disney.

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Torcy is really far out, and going to Paris in the morning for sightseeing, you will travel at the same time as all the commuters. It will not be pleasant, and it will definitely take closer to 1 hour to get anywhere in particular (35 minutes is to the suburban train station at Châtelet). Also, the last train back is shortly after midnight and cabs will be super expensive.
Only advantage is proximity to Disneyland.

Staying in Paris would be much better, but a 2-bedroom apartment in Paris might indeed exceed $1,500 for the week, in many cases, so if you don't find anything in the city, you can look right next to it.

Looking at the eastern side of Paris, Vincennes (+++), Charenton, Montreuil (if close to metro), Nogent (if close to either RER stop), Fontenay-sous-Bois (same) will all provide better experiences than Torcy.
There are also lots of cheap hotels dotted around Paris at the "portes" (=exits on the ring road): not the most charming locations, but usually good transportation.

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I’m going to start with a list of the things you’ve mentioned:

In Paris:
Hop on hop off bus
Boat cruise
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Jazz club
Amelie sights
d’Orsay museum

Outside of Paris:
Disneyland Paris
Mont St Michel (MSM)
D-Day beaches

First, I would drop the D-Day beaches and MSM. This would take (at least) an overnight trip. Preferably 3 nights.

Are your friends willing to do things independently, or do they expect you to escort them to the Eiffel Tower, then you head off to a museums? I think it will take much longer to see 2 museums than a trip up the tower.

Drop the hoho bus. You’ll spend more time sitting in traffic (it’s awful).

Do the river cruise (not a dinner cruise) in the evening. We like this one:

The negative about staying so far outside of Paris is that you can’t go back to the apartment mid day for a break. I would reconsider. An hour or two break mid day could mean you stay out later in the evening. Remember that dinner is later in France (after 8pm).

Next, look at a map and group your “must-sees” by area. Then seriously think about how much time you’ll spend at each. You’ll soon find yourself running out of time. Remember that if you sit down for a meal, you’ll be there at least 1.5-2 hours. It’s also going to take time to get from one place to another. You’ll probably need to scale back your “must-sees”.

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Torcy is on the RER A line and has direct bus service from CDG, but I certainly would not stay there if Paris were my destination.

The weekly pass at 30€ is a good price and covers everywhere within the Île-de-France, but the week is from any given Monday to the following Sunday. The fare is loaded onto the Navigo Découverte card and requires both your name and photo (the card is nontransferable).

Le Louvre requires a timed reservation for entry, one does not generally just pop in.

The DD beaches are a long way from Paris, and Mont St Michel even farther. I would not recommend it as a one-day adventure. I know there are buses that will take you there, not sure if seeing both locations in one day is possible. One could easily spend 2 to 3 days exploring the invasion beaches from Bayeux.

Paris alone takes 3 to 4 days and with Disney, Mont St Michel, and Giverny, there will need to be compromises (rather surprised you have not mentioned including Versailles as well). Hop on hop off buses consume a great deal of time, something you will not have in abundance. I would skip that and alternatively take a river cruise, an excellent way to obtain a brief overview of the city. You can get reduced tickets at Vedettes du Pont Neuf from their website: