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is it safe to travel now with Infant

Planning to visit Paris with family ( Infant ) in first week of April. my hotel is booked near parc monceau and plan is to visit popular attractions.. Is all area affected with the protests.. museums and tourist attractions affected/closed down ?

We will mostly rely on metro train. so worried

Appreciate your response.

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We are watching this closely, and will be there at the same time as you. Right now I believe the tourist attractions are not closed down. I think that on days when there is a transportation strike, museums etc. may open late, because the staff has a hard time getting in. This may affect timed ticket entries and plans to use the metro. It appears right now it's isolated days. Of course, if it is your travel day, than this sucks, huge hassles and expenditures (taxi vs. metro, need double the time to get anywhere etc.). During the transport strike days it appears everything is still running, just at half capacity, and likely a lot more crowded, taking at least double the amount of time. The protests/lighting trash on fire I believe is also in isolated locations, not widespread. Would affect any late night plans, but with younger aged children, there are no late night plans. The protests have not been very violent or violent at all, however, of course it's not great if you are somewhere and riot police is racing past you. The trash situation is a shame, and will definitely become a health hazard, and it must hurt the businesses, restaurants and cafes in the affected areas. Who wants to eat where the trash in front of the door is piled two persons high? The outdoor seating is likely closed in all of these locations, and I've seen many pictures where you have to walk on the road because the sidewalk is completely blocked by trash. However, you can likely fairly easily walk to areas where trash is actually getting picked up (by private companies), which is, from what I've read the 1st, 2nd and 7th arrondissements. This is a summary of what I've gathered from different sources, including threads here. Any updates welcome.

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Trash pick up is resuming; many sites were closed today because of the strike, however. No new strikes have been announced.