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Is gazole diesel?

We came to a gas station that had a black pump labeled "gazole." Is that the diesel to use in our diesel Peugeot 3008?

Thanks in advance.
SF Bay Area

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There are often 2 grades of gazole or diesel. I have a 10 year old diesel (2.2 litre) Honda Accord and whenever I am in France I use the cheaper gazole. I've never had any issues.

Be careful about about using the lonely gazole pump on the edge of the islands if it is marked with a truck symbol, or if there is a truck symbol next to a button on a normal pump. If you use a truck pump, or press the truck button on a normal pump it speeds up the pump a lot and makes high pressure which is not good to use for a car fill up.

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If you ever have a question, ask, don't guess. Someone within the last couple of months had a real problem with a rental because she put the wrong fuel in the car. You can drive away with the wrong fuel but it will not last. The cost to clean out the wrong fuel is huge.